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Thumbs down EY 32 and 484 toilet-soiled passenger seat Mr Al Faytarouni

Hello, While in Paris I booked online an Etihad flight to return to Australia. It was not my first choice but the online booking was not accepted in the first instance so I tried the next airline which was Etihad. It cost twice as much as the economy fare I had paid to travel to Italy on Qatar Airlines but I wanted to ensure I had a flight home so I accepted.
The seating and food was of a poor standard but when we had a brief stopover in Abu Dhabi, the standard got worse & was totally unacceptable. I was shown to my seat but a male was sitting there, I returned to the stewards, they then asked everyone in the middle row to move along one seat.
I saw a dark mark on the seat and I thought it may be uncomfortable to sit on, it looked like the equivalent of burnt toast and may be abarasive. The male steward refused to check it, I put my hand on it and my hand was immersed in urine or worse. The male passenger had urinated/defacated in his pants and had not changed into new clothes. I had to ask the steward to correct the situation. At first the staff did nothing. Then the lower section of the seat was replaced but the smell was still strong, other passengers commented at length and said if they were me, they would definitely complain. The stewards asked if anyone would swap seats with me but no one would. The staff claimed there was not one other seat on the plane which I could have(?). The man with the soiled trousers and his wife, looked unkempt and unclean generally, they were also obese.
The stewards gave me a nose and mouth guard which they sprayed with perfume and told me to wear that. I said that would be offensive to the male passenger and his wife. Also, I asked for the 2 passengers to be given extension seat belts as they could not do up their safety belts. This did not occur. The seating was unhygienic, unsafe and expensive. Aside from take-off and landing, and the one time I was told to eat food at the seat but due to the circumstances some of the barely edible and strongly coloured curry spilt and stained my clothing.
I stood up in the kitchen galley for the full duration, many hours, of the flight to Brisbane, Australia. I do not pay for such an experience. I contacted Etihad, they offered $150 Australian Dollars credit on my next flight with them, I replied that their response was inadequate and insulting and there will not be a next flight with them. The flight was in October 2018 and their reference is RQID: 671308. I request at a minimum, a full refund.

In conclusion, I have found Etihad service of poor standard both at the airport and in the air and their attitude discriminatory, single female infidel? Unlike for example, Emirates, at CdeG airport, Etihad is only open for a bracket of time in the morning and in the late afternoon, therefore, if you have any questions, they go unanswered nor is there any sign stating when their roller-door counter will re-open, you are just left abandoned. Each of the many times as I walked up and down the airport aisles vainly seeking information, and I walked past the staffed Emirates counter, I longed for and wished I was on Emirates which I have flown many, many times; or Qatar Airways on which I recently flew to Europe both of which have quality standards, unlike Etihad. The Dubai and Qatari Emirs can be proud of their airlines. Etihad?
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That's a health hazard. Did you make an official complaint?
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Post Etihad - Health Hazard

Hello Clyde,

Thank you for your question.

I am unsure of what constitutes an 'official' complaint. I tried a couple of avenues:
an Australian source of authority for airline complaints (can't recall the name right now) but it only covered Australian airlines' international flights.

I directed the issue to Virgin Airlines, a partner airline to Etihad which did not take up the cause, as well as to Etihad where staff member Mr Al Faytarouni gave his inadequate and unacceptable reply and refused to pass the issue onto a higher managerial ranking.

I did anticipate a better response as I have worked as an educator in the Middle East and while it can tend to be a mixed experience, generally they extend good will to the well-being of expats. And, Emirates & Qatar Airlines' have high standards.
Basically, it was an unbelievable 'en sh'allah' i.e. 'tell someone who cares' style response.

Arab males keep their white thawbs spotless and yet I was expected to accept this offensive and as you said, health hazard situation.
Only the surrounding passengers were concerned.
The unhygienic couple were oblivious to it.

That leg of the journey was maybe 10 hrs in duration.
I felt very tired standing up. Should you have any advice, it would be appreciated. Thank you again.
p.s. I may open a Facebook account to draw attention to the issue.
appalling, etihad, uncaring, uncomfortable, unhygienic

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