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Default Shame on you AIR INDIA.

The WORST travel experience of my life.The most ridiculous display of incompetent behaviour and customer management at every step of the process. We were simply trying to get to Delhi from Bombay for a 6pm wedding.
Our 1pm flight - cancelled till 2.30pm.
2.30pm flight - told at counter it was over-booked and is now full.
The next available flight is at 5pm - delayed till 5.20pm without prior notice.
5.45pm - begin takeoff procedures.
5.55pm - electrical failure. Plane comes to a standstill. Lights and AC continue to be switched on and off.
6pm - captain announces "there has been an electrical failure and out technical team is on their way to trouble-shoot". No further explanation is offered. No beverages are offered. If you got up to ask for water, they did oblige by giving you one small glass.
6.45pm - herded like animals and packed like sardines onto a stationary bus on the tarmac. When asked what was happening and where we were going, we were told "nowhere. you can not stand on the tarmac so you must sit on the bus and wait while we do final checks on board. The buses were over-packed and we were locked inside while staff and drivers disappeared.
7.15pm - finally start to re-board passengers. We decide not to get back onto an aircraft that has electrical failures. This airline was so incompetent at managing even simple over-bookings and customer relations, why in our right minds would we trust them with the maintenance of an aircraft?! Also, by the time we reached Delhi, it would be midnight and we would have missed the wedding completely. We demanded our luggage and a full refund. The ground staff obliged however sent us wondering around the airport, unescorted, in search of the duty manager (who would be able to give us a full refund, we were told).
This whole process took until 8pm.
After 7 hours, all the delays and cancellations, sitting around the airport, on the plane, on buses, and being spoken to in a patronising manner by everyone from ground staff to on-flight staff, being told "it is not such a big deal, it is just like having a tyre puncture, please calm down".
We did not end up flying to Delhi and we have missed our friends wedding.
I will never, ever fly with or recommend Air India to anyone i know or meet. In fact, this horrific experience means i will most likely go out of my way to strongly caution people against ever considering this airline, even if their lives depend on it. Air India is a pathetic excuse for an airline, a national embarrassment and i can not even fathom how it is still operational. It was a disgusting display of mis-management and ineptitude.
Go out of your way to boycott Air India at all costs.

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