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Default Air India : Worse Airline ever - Shame on Air India

Air India Complaint:
Name: Shreya Pandit
Passport number: J3702207
Air Line: Air India
29/03/2016 (1ST TICKET) 30/03/2016 (2ND TICKET, NEW BOUGHT)
Date of travelling: 29/03/2016 Date of travelling: 30/03/2016
Flight Time: 13:15(UK time) Flight Time: 12:30pm(UK time)
Ticket Number: 098-2115394477 Ticket Number: 098-2115395522
Web Reference Number: AIBE22387168 Web Reference Number: AIBE22670171
Booking reference Number (PNR): HGJ12 Booking reference Number (PNR): Y6RB9
Flight Number: AI 130 / London (LHR) Terminal 4 Flight Number: AI 116 / London (LHR) Terminal 4

I was travelling to India on 29th march 2016, my flight time was 13:15 from London Heathrow terminal 4. I was on time. I went for baggage. They tried to weigh my baggage but at that time their weight machine was not working properly. So I was told to go on another counter. They did all check in formalities properly and put tags on my luggage and issued my boarding pass. After that I went inside and did security check. Everything was all right no one stopped me anywhere with any reason. Finally I was waiting for flight departure in boarding lounge. When I was entering in the aircraft, Air India people stopped me and said my hand bag was heavy and I need to pay charges for that. First they told me i need to pay 40 pounds and I was ready to pay that but as I was leaving country I didn’t have cash with me, they gave me an option that I can pay charges on arrival at India. I agreed on the same but suddenly after about 5-7 minutes they said sorry you have to pay 140 pounds. Once again I was ready to pay that amount and they gave me option I can pay cash only. As I didn't have Cash I said my friend can pay by his card from outside or give cash or I will pay all on arrival but they denied and they said I have to pay cash at that time only. Otherwise they are going to be off load me from the flight. They only gave me the options and they only changed the same which is absolutely unfair and unacceptable behaviour.

And on top of that, their behaviour with me was very rude. They pushed me and threw my handbag away, and lastly I was off loaded from my flight. I was mentally pressurised, stressed and depressed. Main point was I was ready to pay and they denied and stuck on the option of paying cash only and that too at that time only. One of the staff member of air india were having tobacco in mouth while he was talking with me and when I ask not to speak with me like that, he was rude and higher and didn’t give any proper information and answers.

I know the name of some people and I can recognise all of them by face as well. Then I asked about the refund/exchange about my ticket as I was off loaded from my flight, they didn't give me any proper information. When I asked to make complain again they didn't provide any information and when I asked for my boarding pass to make complain, they denied to give me my boarding pass which you issued already.
After offloading me from the flight they took me to immigration and they were asking me to fill up the immigration form but I didn't filled up that form because I was forcefully offloaded from the flight. After that immigration people took me to somewhere in immigration lending passengers area and took my passport and other document, there I waited about Half an hour to 45 minutes and after a long wait they came and said that they will hold my passport until I book another ticket because it is issue between me and Airline, immigration cannot do anything. they just hold my passport and they assured me that when I book another ticket that they will realise my passport. I ask to airport authority about my passport, that how can I get any assurance then they told me to go on terminal 4 on level 2, there is a phone, direct to immigration, where I can confirm about my passport. I want there about 5:30pm-6pm on 29/03/2016 and I spoke to person and he told me to send confirmation email [email protected] about my new flight details, which email I sent on same time with relevant information as I already bought new ticket on same time.
At last I had to buy new ticket for the next day, 30/03/2016. I had to arrange for my night stay in London and next morning again I had to arrange to go to the airport to board the flight.

Again on next day my flight was at 12:30pm, I reached airport on time and due to problem issued on 29/03/16, I had to submit my passport to immigration, and immigration people told me on 29/03/2016 to ask my passport on boarding, when I book another ticket and when I reach on 30/03/2016 and ask for my passport, they were again telling me it might be missed place. As I mentioned above because of 29/03/2016 I was already upset and harassed mentally, again my tension will risen on that time, 30/03/2016 till about 11:00am they couldn’t find my passport, after asking in different departments, they took me on level 2 (terminal4) there were a phone, from where I made a call to immigration on 29/03/2016. And they finally guide me from where I can collect my passport. So basically in all pressurised and upset situation they didn’t find my passport and I have to manage that at last by my-self.
Overall, Air-India staff behaved with me as a passenger, as a girl very badly, rudely and they give me mental harassment, stress & depression. As a valuable customer now would never ever recommend travelling with Air-India to any one in my whole life. This is one of the worst ever experience of air india with me and also it creates very much negative effect of air india as a customer.

Shreya Pandit

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