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Default Worst company ever

To who it might concern,

I just want to start by saying that this is by hands the worst airline company I've ever had to be in contact with. It's shocking that you are even still a company with how you treat your guests.

Me and my girlfriend were to be travelling from San Francisco to Washington DC on June 15th at 11:55am.

To begin with, (this is my first time flying with you), I was already a little angry with how the staff were treating luggage. Staff members were literally throwing people cases onto the convilerbelt. I had to request if mine be placed on there because I had fragile valuables in there. I wish I could say the same about my girlfriend. Her case was thrown and had 2 shot glasses smashed in it. Thankfully her digital camera wasn't damaged. But shards of glass ended up tearing into some clothing. This isn't a factitious lie. If you would please look at the CCTV you will see your staff members throwing peoples cases and being very rude.

The main issue started when I was in the queue for security. My girlfriend struggles with flying and gets anxious. We got out of the queue because she wasn't feeling well and was nervous and wanted to sit down. She asked me if I could get her some water. I went down to the Frontier desk and waited to speak to someone to explain the situation. I was waiting around 10 minutes to just get some water. Next thing you now, an ambulance shows up. I didn't really know what the problem was or why they had been called. When we got back to my girlfriend she was very confused as why the medics were there because she was ready to join into the queue again because she got some water herself. The medics didn't understand why they had been called and got angry at the staff member who called them because it was a waste of their time.

It turned out that the staff member had been told something different and didn't mean to call the ambulance and she admitted that it was her fault. After the medics went (they were on there 5 minutes), me and my girlfriend were both refused to get onto the plane. Point blank refused. We had already wasted over half and hour and only had 45 minuets left until we fly. The staff member starts shouting towards us both saying we would be refused unless we got a 'doctors note' confirming that she was fit for flight. This is an absolute joke. There was nothing wrong with her and the staff member admired she didn't mean to call the ambulance. But still I was refused to get on. I understand the reason why it would happen to someone if they were genuinely ill. But refusing someone who slightly struggles with anxiety when they fly is completely barbaric.

To save the argument and time I agreed to just get this doctors note. Running to the other side of the airport we got into the hospital and booked an appointment. I was shocked to then be told it would start at $100+ and there was a chance we would miss my flight. Outraged I went back to the Frontier desk and requested that they paid for this doctors note as I didn't call an ambulance and that they admitted it was their fault.

When I got to the desk I asked to see the manager so that it would be sorted out faster. The gentleman completely understood the mishap that happened and printed my boarding passes and said I could board the plane. Wasting nearly an hour I only had 15 minutes left to board the plane. I had to run to back to the hospital to tell my girlfriend that we didn't need to doctors note and we could board. We were allowed to go straight through security.

We got to the gate and the doors were still open. A staff member took out boarding passes and told us that it was to late but because the doors weren't shut at the time we could still go on and they could delay the plane. As soon as he said that another staff member turned around and told him that he couldn't do that. She then went down and got them to close the plane doors.

What an absolute joke of a company is this? I am begging you look at your CCTV so you know that all of this, word for word happened. It was your mistake that I wasn't aloud on the plane due to a staff member arguing and then the manager giving me the all ok. This made my girlfriend break down in the airport as we stood and watched them lock the plane doors. Rude and miserable staff members who you should really reconsider working for you.

The day only got worse when I went back up to the front desk to speak to someone about what had happened. The desk had no staff members there at all. I had to ask another airline if they could go into the back office and see if they could get a staff member. I was waiting 45 minutes for someone to come out. This is yet again a time when you need to look at your CCTV to understand the truth of what was happening. Finally the woman who caused all of this came out. Not once did she apologise for that she had done.

Being a manager of a UK cinema chain, I know how your meant to treat your guests and this is the lowest of the low I've ever seen in customer service. I was told all they could offer was the next flight out which was the following day. Well that isn't good enough. Being in an airport since 10am and having to wait another 18 hours until the next flight isn't good enough. The woman stared arguing back with me and said she was happy we didn't get on the flight. What kind of staff do you hire? Animals from a zoo? I spoke to the manager again asking how Frontier were going to pay for our hotel for the night and food vouchers. He told me that he couldn't give anything to me in person and that I could phone customer service.

Taking a seat I used my mobile to phone customer services, because the pay phones were out of order and the manager said I couldn't use their phones. Being on the line for 20 minuets, I spoke to someone called Maria who said that she wasn't sure why I called her because the person who issues food vouchers and accommodation is the person at the front desk. She told me that I needed to get them to call her so that it could be sorted.

Yet again I was waiting over 45 minutes for someone to come back out at front desk and yet again I had to ask another airline to go into your office to get you to come out to us. The woman came out again and said she was refusing to give us a hotel because it would 'come out of her money' and it wasn't happening. At this point I had an upset girlfriend, no money on me and now being refused accommodation due to missing a flight due to your incompetent staff members making us miss our flight.

Coming from the UK it's cost me £1.65 a minuet to phone your customer service due to your front desk not letting me use theirs. The woman was refusing to understand anything I was telling her and refusing to call Maria to speak to her so we could sort accommodation out. So yet again I had to phone your customer services and wait to speak to Maria. Your staff member wasn't having anyone of it and put her coat on and said 'I've just finished my shift so I'm going home'. And she left. This made me livid. What kind of people work for your company? I had to get the manager back out and talk to him. He came out and said that he knew it was front desk who were the people sorted out accommodation. He then said he didn't feel we were liable for accommodation and then told us he didn't have the money to do it. Making zero sense. Going between front desk and customer services was like a game of tennis. It was word against word. An absolute joke.

So that was it. Been left in an airport for 18 hours until the next flight. No accommodation. No food. Such a joke.
We priced up hotels and transfers in the area and because we were booking it so late the prices were extortionate, with barely any difference to us booking a different flight with another airline. We were then forced to book the evening flight as we couldn't afford the accommodation plus food for the entire day, night and next morning. The new airline were very helpful with the situation and seat upgraded us free of charge. Which is what a good airline should do.

Absolutely livid with Frontier airline. Never again will I travel with you. I shall be putting a review on every website that I can. All social media. I want all people to know how much I am disgusted with your staff Members and how it ruined my 21st birthday for me. Still can not belive that paying $323.18 for a flight, $60 for a suitcases, that I wasn't offered a reimbursement. Never again would I chose this airline and I will make sure that people know about this.

Myles Petford.
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