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Old Mar 8, 2010, 11:35 PM
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Angry help me pls..BMI refused me to board.

My holiday was supposed to start from on 22nd feb to Damascus, Syria so i went to Heathrow airport. The staff at check-in asked me about a visa for Syria. I am from South Korea. South Korean are entitled to be issued a visa on arrival so i didnt get a visa in advance.
However, BMI insisted that South Korean were not able to get a landing visa on arrival. Before i went to the airport i had checked about visa. Many korean visited to syria but had no problem at all and also the website of korean embassy also states that we are able to get it.
However, the staff just checked their system saying that Japanese are able to get it on arrival but not for south korean.
what the hell was this? they didnt update their system and jus told me like this? i felt absolutely offensive about this.
althogh my ticket was not refundable and exchangeable, they just made it delayed. they said i could fly whenever i could get a visa.

i returned to home and called the korean embassy in korea and confirmed it.
i mean..it is the consensus between two countries. i dont understand why they did it.
south korea doesnt have diplomatic relations with syria so we dont have the embassy in syria. however, there is korean embassy in lebanon which is charge of this area. so i rang them and was able to get a letter stating that south korean are entilted to be issued a visa on arrival.
with this letter i went to syrian embassy in london for the final confirmation. syrian embassy gave me a visa straight away and i could fly on wed. as soon as i arrived at the airport in syria..i asked the immegration about a visa for south korean saying that republic of korea can get a visa on arrival ..no problem for korean.

i missed 2 days of my holiday.
i was so stressed out and frustrated. put a lot of effort to ring to korea and go to syrian embassy twice. spent money on transport and calling credit.
also paid for the hotel for 2 nights which was i couldnt make it.

i will write a complain letter to bmi.
do you think i can get a compenstion from bmi?
how can i make it?? i want to complain about the loss of 2 days of holiday.
with this 2 days..i could have visited more places but i had to hurry you know due to lack of time.
bmi ruined my holiday.

how can i get a compensation about this losing 2 days??
help me pls..

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