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Old Mar 21, 2016, 6:59 PM
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March 21, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

I am very unhappy about our recent travels with American Airlines. Not only in the one particular instance of which I am writing to you about, but in general over several different trips my boyfriend and I have both had with your airline. For starters, no one is polite or helpful when it comes to the airline agents at the desk or on the plane. There is no quality customer service, no friendly staff, nothing given for the large amount of money spent on tickets. We have been on six hour flights with no food/snacks, no online entertainment, no pillows or blankets and no comfort in the seats. We travel frequently and know what good and bad service is. I realize that the economy has taken a hit in recent years, but if you don't like your job, change it. It is America, one of few places you have the option and resources to do most anything you choose. And your airlines cannot be doing that badly if every single flight is oversold, so you should be able to give better service.

How is it that every single flight is over sold and they need to ask people to give up seats? On the last flight we had, (three flights), we had booked our tickets and picked seats in advance. We confirmed this when we checked in 24 hours ahead of time. But when we arrived at the airport, they issued us paper tickets (we checked 3 bags) and now our seats were changed and no longer together. Considering that they do not offer any onboard entertainment, no pillows/blankets, no food at all, barely any beverages (and you canít bring any water past security and it costs $5 per bottle inside security), we always have these things with us, but we cannot share them when we canít sit together, and it is extremely poor customer service to split people up who have booked ahead and picked seats. Then, when we got onto one flight, they had booked two seats for two different people, so we had to both wait and see if we could get a seat, and then they acted like it was no big deal. Then they had to split up a family and kick off some of them and make them wait for a different flight. Once we were onboard the plane, we waited over an hour for the plane to take off because of "weight restriction concerns". We have had our seats split up last minute multiple times.

They also do not offer curb side or gate checking for bags. We always bring the right sized bags and number of bags (not everyone does, and those people should be the ones who have to suffer/pay, not us) and yet they expect you to hope there is overhead room (they always say there isnít, how does this happen??) and if not, you have to pay sometimes to check it or check it and go to baggage claim to get it, whereas many airlines let you gate check a bag and let you pick it up as you de-board the plane. Then, on one flight they lost our luggage and we had to go to the airport the next day to pick it up ourselves (would not deliver!!!) which was 1.5 hours away.

In February when we flew, my boyfriend left an item onboard that was of high sentimental value, and we have not been able to speak to a human being about this, and no one is willing to do anything extra to help us. The people at the airport where we landed even said they have trouble with American Airlines and they can't ever reach them even though they are located there!

On this last flight, we got off the plane and waited one hour and ten minutes before they even started sending the bags out through the baggage claim, and they never announced what claim number to go to, and at that claim number they had several different flights luggage all coming out and it was falling off the docks (turning ramp thing). Then, we realized one piece of luggage missing, our skis, a very expensive piece of luggage. This was supposed to be considered one piece with the boot bag, yet the lady in baggage said that it wasnít scanned in time so it was sent somewhere else on a different flight??!?!?! What?!?! This is completely insane. Due to the delay in them sending the baggage, we missed our bus back home from the airport in Boston and we still donít have the skis. On top of all of this, all of the people were extremely rude to deal with. Considering that THEY are the ones making the mistakes and causing the issues, this is completely inexcusable. I will never fly with this company again and have a claim in to get a refund for the last flight, because I donít want a free one from them, Iíd rather have my money to spend with a different airline.


Katie L. Lyford, RN
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