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Default Air Berlin - Complaint regarding broken items,mishandling, nasty service

Rude service, broken camera flash, no vegetarian meals, no reimbursement.

We flew with Air Berlin for the first time in May 2010 from Los Angeles to Salzburg and return flight from July 2010. On our to-flight from Los Angeles to Salzburg, we noticed our camera flash is broken while unpacking our items at home in Salzburg. This is an indicator that our bags were not handled accordingly as our bags were packed quite well. Also on our way back to Los Angeles in July 2010 in the Salzburg airport at the counter to check in, the representative told us we missed our flight, then later it was said to us that the plane had not left yet and that we should hurry to the gate but we did not care for the treatment the representative gave us when checking in. The representative made us feel like we were slaves. I am the customer and the customer is paying the employees paychecks. Without the customer there is no Air Berlin.

Might I add while traveling from our connecting flight from Dusseldorf to Los Angeles, in the plane the meals were being passed out and Air Berlin did not have our meals we requested. We are vegetarians and do not eat meat and Air Berlin served Frikadeller (meat).

This is our first time to fly with Air Berlin and I guess this is the sort of service expected. I emailed Air Berlin upon my arrival in my home country on July 5, 2010 to let them know I have a broken camera flash. While away out of the states I only had my cellphone which is only operating in the United States. I did the correct thing by contacting them but Air Berlin does not want to reimburse me although I have the pictures to prove my flash is broken. In the meantime my work is affected because I need my flash in order to photograph products.

I filed a complaint with BBB dot org. Air Berlin did not respond. After almost one month of filing a complaint, Air Berlin still has not responded. I did not mention to Air Berlin that in addition to my broken flash, I found many broken CDs - I have copies of my work.

Part of my line of work is photography and my work has been limited because my flash is broken due to Air Berlins service. I had to cancel a family photo shoot for Mr. and Mrs. White. in Laguna Beach, California because I do not have a flash. The date of the shoot was scheduled for September 4, 2010.

It seems Air Berlin could care less about the damage they have done. I do not wish for anything like this to happen to anyone. I will follow up with Attorney General. The next time I am in Germany which will hopefully be in 2 months from now, I will make a visit to Air Berlin.
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Default I find a problem here...

I'm undecided on what to do what Air Berlin has left me no choice. They are not complying with the law nor my complaint. These are businesses that are too big to fail and have rules to cover up their mistakes. This is the same reason why companies should be held accountable for their actions and responsibilities. Air Berlin has deliberately ignored BBB.org. I am not able to sit and watch them mishandle or treat others in the same fashion. The general people, workers, consumers, we all have power and not aware of how much power we have and what its capabilities are. As a believer in telling all truth, I wanted to give Air Berlin a chance to take responsibility.

Please stand up with your complaints, speak up and take it as far as you need to go to be heard. I hope this helps anyone with a complaint from an airline. Feel free to PM me.
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You could try suing them in small claims court, but I think you have very little chance of winning. The airline will argue that if things were packed adequately they would not be broken. You will argue that they were packed properly. There will be no proof and you will lose. I think too that most airlines, outrageously, exclude responsibility for electrical items in their terms and conditions.

Your other complaints regarding lack of a suitable meal or the brusque manner of the staff in Austria are not going to generate any kind of compensation. I would forget it and move on. Just don't fly with them again.

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