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Unhappy Turkish Airlines - Rebooking

I purchased a ticket to Israel by phone in August, 2012 and unfortunately had to cancel that ticket in October 2012 due to a change of plans. Before I chose to cancel the ticket, I inquired aboiut the credit I would receive, and I was ensured that I would be able to book a flight to use anytime in the future for the amount of my ticket, less a small fee, as long as I booked my reservation by 9/09/2012. I asked for specific clarification of the rules of the ticket and was told that they do not post them on their website, but that this deadline was indeed a "book by date", not a "fly by date". I called multiple times during the year to check on the rules of my ticket, and look into booking future travel, and received the same information, that I had an "open credit" that I could use for future travel.

May I add here, that I found it necessary to make multiple calls to check on the rules, since the main "North American Call Center" is located in Turkey, and any special inquiry's are fielded by this call center, instead of the local Los Angeles, CA sales office. The line with the call center always had a lot of static, a lot of noise from other agents ion the background, and between that and the heavy accent on the other end of the line, the gents and I had a very hard, frustrating time understanding each other at times.

On 9/06/2013 I called again to double check this information, and to make sure there was not a certain cut off time, as I was waiting for a confirmation from my mother as to potential dates, as when I placed my reservation I was also going to book a companion ticket for to join me, and the agent on the line told confirmed that I had to book by end of day on 9/09/2013 in my timezone. I then made arrangements and called the North American Call Center on the middle of the afternoon of 9/08/13. The agent took all of my flight information and said we were ready to book, then when I mentioned the credit, she said she had to look up the terms. After a few minutes on hold, she told me that my credit had expired and denied me booking. I requested to speak with a customer service associate, and she denied my request and said that customer service was closed for the day. I asked to speak with a manager and she denied my request and said that none were in the office, and then told me very rudely that it was the middle of the night in Turkey, and she was the absolute only one I could speak to and that all I could do was to call the customer service center the next morning. I called the customer service center on 9/09/13 and they took down the details of my original and new reservations, and the phone calls I could remember, and said there was nothing they could do for me but to open a claim, but perhaps if I had booked the day before they would have been able to help me. They told me that they could not say how long it would take to receive a response on my claim, but that they would review the voice records related to my case, and that I would by contacted by email as soon as possible.

On September 13th, I received an email stating that they could not determine my voice records with my phone number and that " Based on your request we have carefully checked your message. However, some more details are necessary in order to research the voice records of the mentioned conversation. According to this, we would kindly ask you to provide further details such as date of calling, your own telephone number, flight date, flight number, flight route etc. We will then reply as soon as possible.However, it is necessary that you provide the related ticket number, flight date-number-route etc. We will then reply as soon as possible."

I replied to their email with the above information, and detailed call records I located in my phone bills, from every time I had called them.

On September 14th, I received a reply that stated that email replies were not accepted for that email address, and to submit my information using the online form.. On this day I did so, tried to be patient, and waited for a reply.

On 9/24 I called the Turkish Airlines call center (800-874-8875) at 11:13 pm (day time in Turkey) to inquire about why I hadn't received any reply. She told me that they had not received any additional information, so I verbally submitted all of the above call details to one of your customer service associates. She repeated all of the information back to me, and assured me that it would be given to a customer service manager, who would review the file in detail, listen to the calls, and would contact me by email. She told me that this was the only way for the claim to be processed. This never occurred.

I have a detailed list of all of my ticket information compiled, and a call log taken from my phone records showing every phone call I have ever made to the company.

I have yet to hear anything from Turkish Airlines. I cannot believe that their customer service is so misleading and unhelpful. I am at an absolute loss. I've been very positive, hopeful, and patient, but I fear possible naively too much of all of these things and am also afraid that there will never be a resolution, unless I force one.

If anyone has any experience, or Turkish Airlines, it would be much appreciated. Ticket buyer beware of this company's unwritten policies, and poor customer service.
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