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Old Apr 13, 2007, 5:14 AM
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Default Inconsistency with charges for being over the weight limit


I had a new travel person make my tickets and they made them in my nickname, at the airport in Pensacola one of your agents would not work with me, I had my passport and I am a Gold Med, she said she could not do anything, I know this was my fault, but I fly a lot out of Pensacola, then the scales weight was one pound over and she charged me $25.00. On my return flight from Greenville S.C. your agent got my ID and Gold card and fixed everything also my miles. I was three pounds over and she said that as a Gold Med that would be no charge. The agent in Greenville was Suzanne Taylor, I also fly out of Greenville and have watched the difference in the two cities, Suzanne is one of the most helpful people I have ever seen not just to me but others all the time. I will not give you the name of the agent in Pensacola yet this is the second time I have had trouble with her, the next ,t will be a phone call and formal complaint.

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You probably just screwed yourself because you were getting overweight bags on for free. A complaint will probably cause Delta to tighten up its rules and now you will be charged going both ways. Way to go buddy!
Old Sep 25, 2007, 7:56 AM
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Why in the name of god , you would put your "nickname" on a ticket!!!??

Do dragqueens fly with their stage name ? THINK PEOPLE!

Why would you do that for?

You shouldn't have been allowed to travel in the first place .

So you were overweight ...tough, but if you fly frequently you knew you would be overweight , so ....
Old Oct 2, 2007, 5:51 AM
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First of all if you fly enough to become a Gold Medallion you should already know that your bag is allowed to weigh 70 lbs free of charge and should have brought this up to the agent in PNS. Sometimes the agents are so busy the do not see that you are a medallion member or maybe your FF number is not in your record. If you checked in on the kiosk there is absolutely no way for an agent to tell if you are a medallion member, so become an adult and speak up.

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