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Default credit card charges

RE: resrvation # CF6WLL 6-01-07 MLB-AUS
I am in Texas. My son is in Florida. I need to get him home from school so I go online and can not get the resevation information to load correctly. I call resevation line and they book the flight for an additional $10 fee........but,.....I need to go to a Delta counter and show my American Express card and photo ID although the card has been charged at this point. Well, simple enough, although the airport is 30 miles from my home. I get to Waco Regional (ACT) to find out that American Airlines and Continental maintain counters,....but not my Delta. My secretary calls Delta's 800 line......then my other secretary calls the 800 line.......both on hold in excess of 30 minutes. All I need is the location of the nearest Delta counter. Bingo,...I get the answer...nearest counter is Ft.Hood / Killeen Regional Aiport,.....some 50 miles south of Waco. Not happy,....but I cancel my realtor appointments to make the trip, but when I get to the counter it has been closed since 2:00pm! The American counter guys got a real hoot out of the story at this point. Geeeeeez,...certaily there is someone who can fix this for me,.....I call 800-221-2121 and I'm placed on hold for 20 minutes before being disconnected.........This happenes twice!!!...third time is the charm,.....I get connect to a center in BFE/Pakistan with someone who insists I will have to pay an additioanal $100 to verify the American Express card that has already been charged,..............HELLOoooo,.........We live in a country where we can put a man on the moon and develop marvels such as the internet. Credit card verification is at least a 25 year old technoloy. It was clear that my little Pakistan buddy had no intention to listening, let alone, trying to help me. I asked to speak with a supervisor in an effort to find some relief. .... But, you have to be smarter than a simple telephone. You guessed it. I am placed on hold again for 15 minutes, only to be disconnected. Where did he go? It must be hard finding a supervisor that can handle simple issues. I have spent at least four hours driving and $50 in fuel and now I need to go to bed in order in wake at 4:00 am to start the adventure over. What a total and complete waste of time and effort. Just charge my card and stop jacking with my blood pressure.
I am 54 years old and have flown all over the U.S., many of those flights on Delta. I feel safe and have always been treated fairly. Today I was mistreated and abused. This should never happen in a world were time is short and fuel casts approach $3.50/gallon.
The NEW Delta has to do better than this!
Larry Dolly
West, Texas
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Maybe if you weren't driving through bumblefreak, TX then you cell phone wouldn't disconnect. Also how can you blame the airline, when out of stupidity you drive to the closest airport especting Delta to be there. Sounds like you freaked up, not Delta.
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You didn't listen to what the agent said , that 's it...If this story is true , which I really doubt about it

First , the credit card is to be present on departure day to prevent fraud.

You din't have to drive all around like a pilgrim high on crystal meth all around texas!!!

Second, Delta do not have a call center in Pakistan and DO NOT charge 100 usd to check credit card, it's not true , you totally made that up !!!

This all story is a pure lie ....

Pakistan....Why not Iraq or afghanistan.

And if you think the petrol is too expensive, blame your president, not Delta!
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despite the fact that i do not think this previous post is serious post for genuine passenger , please note that sometime you have to present a credit card when your departure is within 1o days.

if the pasenger fl from another country and you have to pay for it , it could cost you 100 dollars because all airlins have to set up a prepaid ticket in the country of departure .

please note that this website IS NO SUPPORTED BY DELTA AIRLINES OR ANY AIRLINES BLOW and no one will answer for your complaints and the complaints you are seeing are probably not genuine or true.

probably some of them are but it could mislead you and think that Delta does not answer your complaint.

Please refer to your airline.

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