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Default Unusable upgrades

I bought a reservation on fligth 222 from San Franscisco to Addis Ababa. I specifically bought a more expensive
ticket than I needed to because I wanted to upgrade with my miles (I
have been a loyal customer till now).

I am told now that there are no
seats available to upgrade for any portion of this flight.
I must say I feel quite ripped off. I was told to pay extra for a
ticket in order to upgrade, and then when I do Im told I cant upgrade.
This is reminiscent the "bait and switch" tactic outlawed in most states.
Later, after calling every day for 2 weeks, I am told that there is an upgrade available to amsterdam but not africa. But get this, I am told the upgrade cost 40,000 and not 30,000 mile as it shows on the web. Some thing about the wrong class of ticket. I spent $2725 for these tickets specifically so I could upgrade; I'm told now that this wasn’t enough and I had to purchase an even more expensive ticket for the privelage of trying to upgrade. Sorry but this is truly BS.

Customer service has been essentially non existent, I must have gotten every form letter/email they produce. THere was one fellow who did respond without a form letter, but all he could say was "nothing can be done about it".

The merger of NWA with KLM turned KLM from what was my previously preferred airline into one I will try to avoid in the future at all costs.

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