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Old Sep 5, 2007, 1:49 AM
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Default I feel very cheated and dissapointed with Aeroplan / Air Canada


December 3rd 2006 inclusively statement showed I had 43,181 balance on my aero plan statement.

Then I had NO AIR MILES what so ever at all they have all been written off?

I questioned aeroplan they told me they sent me an email.

I did not see or read such information in any email.

I am no longer be using Air canada or Aero plan.

British Airways is going to be delighted by what Aeroplan is doing to their customers?

During the last 4 years I have had Ing insurance that is being changed this year.

I even wrote to Ing Insurance head office no response given?

During the past 4 years I have been using Holiday Inn Hotels that business is Cancled letter sent to head office also.

During the past 4 years I have been using Hilton Hotels that business is Cancled letter sent to head office also.

During the past 4 years I have been using Marroiott Hotels that business is Cancled letter sent to head office also.

I will not be using Esso petrol garages any more not written letter to them yet.

The actions and consequences of Aeroplan policies affect other partners business in many ways.

But such actions also show that the service we were use to is no longer there?

This kind of service is not of the Canadian standard I have been use to and admired?

This is not customer service at all, but penny pinching short term view basis?

It is only by our actions that things will change?

One customer tied to aeroplan said to me "we expected to gain business by partnering with Aeroplan not loose it?"

That was so true and very powerful and very honest? Just only one person was honest about this issue?



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Old Sep 14, 2007, 6:57 PM
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Not only does Air Canada cancel points after one year, it now does not provide Aeroplan points for many flights. In particulare, it does not give credit for what it now calls "tourist class" flights for many destinations. Previously, points were given for these flights.

I guess this means that I will no longer fly with Air Canada.
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Old May 13, 2008, 9:44 PM
Marjorie Macdonald Marjorie Macdonald is offline
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Default Aeroplan unethical

May 12 2008 I asked aeroplan(recommended by American Express Membership rewards) to find me a flight from IAD to Stuttgart on June 15 2008. They were unable to find any flights on the 15th but had one seat available on June 17th. The points needed would be 60,000 from my American Express membership rewards account. I said ok and they insisted that I get on another phone and call Amex to transfer the points right away while they waited on the first phone. I did that, got the points transferred and then the aeroplan rep said she needed to get my credit card info because an additional $354.00 needed to be charged for taxes and fees. This had not been disclosed before I transferred the points and I told her I could not afford to pay $354 extra dollars. I also knew that the person I was traveling with paid $500 return for her airfare. I said I could not afford to travel and aeroplan said they would not return my points even though I cannot afford the trip. A supervisor suggested i use the 60,000 points that they unethically took from me, for merchandise. The supervisor called Ben also said that aeroplaln cannot calculate taxes and fees until the flight has been booked and the flight could not be booked until they had the points from my account. Now that is not true. Any airline can calculate fares,taxes etc and then ask for credit card info. I am also disappointed that American Express is partners with a company that does not follow fair business practices, and exposes its members to unethical companies like aeroplan. I would think Amex would protect its customers. I have now lost 60000 that took me years to accumulate.
Old Mar 16, 2011, 9:32 PM
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Default Aeroplan And Cibc Aerogold Is A Scam!

I have accumulated 80, 000 Aeroplan points over the last few years and have been trying, unsuccessfully, to redeem them for travel over the last year. I tried to book a flight from Calgary to Las Vegas 3 months in advance and was told there was no availability. I tried to book a flight to Maui 4 months in advance and was quoted 180, 000 miles round trip for a terrible flight that was 20 hours due to connections. I would not ever purchase a flight with that type of terrible connection. This week I tried to book a flight to St. Loius in May, off season, leaving on a Wednesday and was asked if I could leave on the Tuesday as there was no availability for my requested dates! I can't fathom this type of mediocre program with such a limited availability. The manager at Aeroplan said their hands were tied because they share seats with other partner programs such as United, and that the airlines decide how many seats they allocate to points flyers. He suggested I book even further in advance so I just attempted to book a holiday in DECEMBER and guess what? NO AVAILIBILITY for my dates, and the alternate dates were horrible 20 hour flights again, and the points cost was 180, 000![/font]
[FONT='Georgia','serif']When I tried to complain to CIBC VIsa and to Aeroplan, there was no formal complaint process and I was told to use my points on gift cards.THEY SHOULD BE SUED! BIGGEST SCAM IN CANADA!
Old Mar 16, 2011, 10:04 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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All frequent flyer Programmes are scams. They are simply not worth it.
Old May 15, 2011, 3:53 AM
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I had the shock of my life when I logged onto my Aeroplan account to find 293,000 miles that I had were taken away due to inactivity. These were points that I earned over the years.
When I contacted Aeroplan I was told by an agent named Gord that I had been notified by email in December 2010 that my miles would expire if I didn't keep my account active.
After scrolling through all my e mails the last one I found from Aeroplan was in October 2010 for a totally unrelated matter. The bottom line I never got any such notice!
Like many other people who get inundated with spam and junk e mail its possible it may have ended up in one of those folders because I don’t get regular mail from Aeroplan, or its lost somewhere in cyberspace.
The argument I have is with so many points at stake shouldn't I have been sent a letter or received a phone call from Aeroplan?
Aeroplan basically says it can't do anything for me except to let me buy the points back at a penny a mile plus a $30.00 service fee. That would cost me $2963.53. This is incredible! Searching the internet I have found hundreds of complaints from people who shared the same experience. Aeroplan has basically taken what appears to be millions of miles from the people who helped keep Air Canada flying during tough times. Do the math...Aeroplan values a mile at one cent per. This is the reward they give for loyalty?
A class action suit is underway against Aeroplan.
If other Aeroplan members have found themselves in the same situation here is the link to the attorney who is launching the class action

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