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Default 11 hour delay with rudeness to boot

This was my second time flying with NWA. My flight was delayed a total of 11 hours. The first delay was understandable; it was for two hours because the flight crew had not flown in yet. While we were in the air, the pilot informed us that the flight was being diverted to Memphis because of mechanical problems. We were then placed into another plane. In the second plane we circled the airport for 30-45 minutes, before the pilot dove rapidly at the airport and then went back into the sky in a stomach churning maneuver. The pilot did this again and I thought the plane was going to crash. Before the third time the pilot informed us why he was performing this maneuver, because the landing gear was not working. We finally got back to Memphis and we were let off the plane and told to stay close. At this point the passengers and I were trying to find out what was going to happen in regards to connections, rides, and when we would be leaving. We were all treated very rudely by a young Caucasian female. She refused to answer any of our questions. After an hour and a half another ticket agent finally told us that they had another plane and we would be able to get to Indiana that night. It was at this point after ignoring us for so long that they finally seemed to remember the "Customer First" plan. We were given a $10 food voucher, after most people had already purchased food themselves. Later the ticket agents passed around a few sodas after everybody complained again that we were being ignored again. The next plane that was fueled was done so incorrectly so were delayed yet again. Finally, we were put back on a plane that worked and we were able to be flown to Indiana.

Because of the method in which this was handled (not being told what was happening and the rudeness that I was treated) it is unlikely that I will be flying with your airline again. However, I will look on these events in a different light if I am given a full refund on the cost of my flight and I receive a written apology from the incredibly rude ticket agent. I have posted this letter on a number of websites that collect the complaints of customers who have been treated unfairly. I will be including all future communications to these websites. I hope I will be able to inform future travelers of NWA that when a mistake happens that the company is quick to make amends for any inconvenience.

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