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Default can somebody please help me

I need some help with a matter, i traveled to philippines last year october from miami usa on american airlines i was schedule to leave philippines march 2008 however i was told that the ticket was good for travel from 1 year of use all i had to do was pay a penatly so i decided to stay a few extra months , i decided i would leave philippines by sept 30 and booked again my flight at american airlines manila philippines a agent informed me via text and email the only flight available was sept 26 as china airlines to los angeles was fully booked and i would have to pay 418 usd for the penalty on sept 23 2008 i paid the money via wire transfer as i was in another location in the philippines other than manila, she emailed my e ticket at about 430 pm that afternoon and when i looked over the ticket i discovered there was an 11 hour lay over in tawain before flying to los angeles i emailed her back to tell her i was not comfortable staying in a airport for 11 hours and either look for another date or i will just use the 418 usd i paid and the remainder of my ticket to buy a one way ticket back home at this time some other emergency came up and i could not leave on 26 sept she emailed and told me i cant get my money back and i would have to pay another 430 usd if i wanted another flight which would be 848 usd i paid in total for the same ticket in a matter of two days i informed her of my emergency and told her i still wont be able to make the flight on 26 yet she still said she cannot refund my money the ticket expired on oct 2 and after continually calling american airlines philippines they refused to help i am in philippines without a ticket to get back home someone please advise .
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I don't believe there is much that can be done here because it looks as though most of the blame falls on you not wanting the initial change for sept 26, after you paid for the change fee. What you should have done was confirmed the itinerary before you paid. Also the airlines hardly ever return the change fee, personally I've never gotten money back for a change fee. You can try and get the ticket reinstated, but that might cost you even more money and if you have to get home, looks like your gonna have to shell out the money. Overall I think you're gonna end up buying a completely new ticket.
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The question that stands out is when you got the email, did it show the flights and times? If so, then you had that information when the ticket was changed. If not,then you needed to ask. The airline is not responsible for you not knowing what you are booking. If the agent gave you wrong info, then you need to take that up with the agent. They would be responsible for that.

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