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Old Jan 17, 2014, 10:33 AM
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Thumbs down Royal Jordanian

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is with regard to my flights I have taken with your airline and the suffering RJ has caused to me and my family. I have booked flight with Royal Jordanian. The detail of harassment and pain caused by their inability to serve their customer appropriately is as below-

From New Delhi to Tunis (date 5Apr 2013)
  • I was informed just prior to boarding (but after check-in) at New Delhi that the flight from New Delhi to Amman will be lending at Dubai for refilling the fuel, as the plane was not capable enough to fly in one go to Amman. This will lead to a delay of 1 hour or so. Hence my connecting flight in Amman to Tunis will be missed.
  • The flight was missed as already planned by RJ and which led to a sever suffering in transit at multiple airports. This is how it happened-
  • I was offered a connection to Tunis via Cairo with a wait period of 8 hours in Cairo. I waited about 3 hours in Amman and then caught the flight to Cairo.
  • In Cairo I was informed that I can relax in Business Lounge, which first seemed to me a fair gesture. I was surprised when I realized that business lounge in Cairo hardly has anything Vegetarian to offer except Tea –coffee or simple breads. Being a pure vegetarian culturally, there was no meal for us. I am not sure if you can imagine that my kid of 3.5 years was almost starved whole day.
  • Moreover, in the connecting flights to Cairo to Tunis or Amman to Cairo, there were no vegetarian meals provisioned for any of us. Yet again, I found myself and my family at receiving end and suffered terribly.
  • When I reached my destination, I found my one luggage missing which was further delayed by 04 days. When I received the bag, it was damaged.
From Tunis to New Delhi (date 30 Oct 2013)
  • You would kindly note that return trip was equally horrible. Please read on how-
  • When I found boarding not opening for 1 hour on the day of flight - I have searched their office at Tunis office, where I met their Station Manager. He shook my whole confidence in RJ by informing that this flight is also late and my connecting flight to New Delhi on 30th October 2013 is going to be missed. This is despite of the fact that I have already sent a mail 2 days in advance, to RJ asking for any prior info which can help me to save this trip.
  • He has conveyed to me that I my next connection am only after 24 hours and I should take the flight as I will stay in the hotel arranged by Airline and I will be able to see the city in my wait period in Amman. He indeed lured me to accept the flight.
  • I was not ready to accept 24 hour stay in Amman , as it would kill our whole subsequent trips and I have requested Station managed multiple times that I should be offered other connection like on the New Delhi Tunis Journey, enabling me reaching to New Delhi before evening. So that I can catch the train. But instead he lured me to accept 24 hour wait in Hotel in Amman by saying that I will get all the facilities and all the meal as well as a very good opportunity to see the city and can visit all the places. He simply did not know the local regulation or did not inform me deliberately. To check on his word I took his visiting card and marking a copy of this mail to him.
  • At transit in Amman, their officers could not send us to hotel until 1:30 am to hotel while we have landed at airport at 8:00 pm. The reason of this that there were many people whom your people wanted to collect who were frustrated like us and were engaged in arguments and heated debates with their transit desk. For their under-capacity at transit point in Amman, I and my family suffered another setback when we were told by hotel that we cannot get any meal as we reached after 11:00 PM. This was not due to our own choice and it was completely RJ’s quality and man power issue. I was never communicated that I will not get meal as I am forced by RJ to reach later than 11:00 PM. We were compelled to sleep without any meal while we were already landed hours before which included my kid 3 years 8 month old kid, 8 years daughter and my wife.
  • When we got ready in the morning, another shock was waiting for us. We were told that we are not allowed to go outside. In Point C, I have mentioned Tunis Station Manager lured us to accept the connection with 24 hours wait time on ground that we will be able to go outside in the city and all the meals and facilities will be provided. But actually we have found ourselves a hostage in Airport Hotel. The Hotel Managers told us that it all controlled by RJ and only they can help us. On our insistence Hotel guys tried to call transit desk in Airport and accountable person in noon, but no one took the call! We were left to remain hostage in the hotel for 24 hours for a complete lack of any ethical practices at RJ.
  • I must clearly mention that I have requested multiple times Station Manager in Tunis and at Transit desk at Amman, that I should be given faster connection to reach New Delhi, as I reside in a rural part of the India and trains connecting to that place from New Delhi would be extremely difficult if I miss my booked train. No one cared for my plea and I was given the same 24 hours connection. While at the same time, transit-desk issued tickets to Mumbai via Dubai to other customers who were arguing rigorously enough and raising the pitch high enough. Due to such an arrogant and rude attitude and probably racial attitude, I have missed my train connection to my home town which was done two months in prior. One should note that being a peak festive season, North India public transports runs at full capacity. After arriving New Delhi I was forced to take the taxi for 480 km from New Delhi to my Home town.
  • Now please imagine, instead of a fairly comfortable night journey in train, I was compelled to take about whole day road journey in rural India in the addition of that I and my family was already air-travelled in RJ without any proper sleep. They simply lack any empathy to see the harassment and pain they have caused to us in this whole journey. My train ticket booked was of 31st October 2013 at 5:00 PM, allowing me time of more than 12 hrs to save the trip, had I given immediate connection to New Delhi.
  • While I would never take another RJ flight, I have requested them to compensate me against all these harassments and pain RJ has caused to me and my family.
On my mails to RJ, no reply ever received, and coming to this forum is one attempt to reach some point in this direction.
Any help/suggestion/Guidance would be appreciated. I am not sure how legally airlines are bound, as they simply take it service contract, without attaching it to the consequences of breaching it.
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