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Default Turkish Airlines: The Worse Customer Service I Received Ever

Unfortunately, this customer received the worst treatment by airline staff in his life by any airline at Turkish airlines. To date, he has not received contact from Turkish Airlines regarding any resolution to the matter. From time of complaint on March 19th to today (thus, close to one full month!), no e-mail or phone call has been received by the customer, despite having received a complaint number from Turkish Airlines. This is despite having called the Turkish Airlines customer service telephone call center and being told that there was an error with my e-mail, and that a new e-mail would be sent out in approximately 24 hours.

Upon calling Turkish airlines customer service phone number for North America and reaching the telephone call center, he inquired about the possibility of rescheduling a flight from Washington DC to Istanbul. He was told that he could go in-person to Washington DC’s Dulles airport and make such a change. More so, he was given a list of three fees (a change penalty fee, a service change fee, and a no show penalty fee) that he would be charged to make the change in ticket reservation. Luckily, the price of the original ticket was more than enough to cover all of these changes with the price of the new ticket date. Also, he confirmed that if there would be a change in the ticket price itself, it would not be significantly high.

After confirming this information again, he made a 40-minute trip from one area of the metropolitan Washington DC area to Dulles Airport on a Saturday evening.
After making the 40-minute ride, he then tried to make the change at the Turkish airlines customer service desk. The clerk called over her manager. The manager said that changes in scheduling tickets could not be done at the airport! This customer then proceeded to inform the manager that Turkish Airlines agents at the call center had given different—and completely opposite—instructions. The manager then said that the customer agents themselves at the Turkish Airlines telephone call center often made mistakes! After haggling with the manager, the manager said that he would change the ticket. However, the manager informed the customer that an additional $485 would be required! This, again, was contrary to the information provided by the Turkish Airlines call center that said that there would be no material and significantly high price to change the fee! After some time, the customer requested to speak to this manager’s own boss, and was told that there was no higher manager to speak to.

Frustrated, and after arguing, the manager said that I could take the price or leave it. This customer said that he would accept the price, but noted the poor service to date. The manager then decided to “check with his manager” and left and returned to say that he would not sell the ticket to me. This was in spite of being told that there was not a higher manager there to speak with!

This customer then placed a call to the complaint line at Turkish airlines, but the manager at Dulles Airport refused to speak with the Turkish Airlines representative. The manager was thoroughly unprofessional, and lacked the most basic etiquette and customer service mentality to provide even average service. The call center representative apologized for the manager’s behavior, and said that the ticket should be able to be rescheduled at the airport! The call center agent also informed

To date, there has been no actual contact by Turkish Airlines to this customer via e-mail or a telephone call. The call center has informed this customer that the matter has been resolved, but that the e-mail was sent to the incorrect address. However, However, even after this information has been corrected, there still has not been an e-mail received by this customer!

American Airlines is looking better and better as an option in comparison to Turkish Airlines.
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Just curious as to why you drove to the airport to make these changes when u were on the phone with them and could have taken care of it at the time
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