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Default ground crew indifference

Here an exchange between the Caathay Customer Complaints office. I sent in a complaint on January 13th and so far I received a form letter that would be used to justify a delayed departure caused by weather conditions which was not the case. I see Cathay is rated in the top 5 and until this experience I would have agreed but not any more. This is a long submission but I provided considerable detail in my complaint.

Mr. Jharna Uikey

This is my second response to your note dated February 2nd.I am still waiting for a proper response addressing all the issues I raised in the 2 complaints I raised, the second one sent with minor modifications because I did not get an acknowledgement or reference # for the first. Please provide me with the email and name of your supervisor. Please respond immediately.

See Below my response of February 2nd.:

Did you read my email??? Your letter is a form letter and much of it is word for word the same as the letter you sent to Mr. Jalbuen Go and does not respond to the main issues I raised in my complaint.

The reason we missed the flight was caused by the incompetent wheel chair staff, facilities, ground crew and poor communication all round.. The plane did not need to be deiced in Vancouver!! IThat is incorrect. The late arrival was a contributing factor not the main factor. If the ground crew and wheel chair attendants had done their jobs properly and informed the Dragon Air gate crew, we would have caught the plane. Your $200 is not acceptable compensation! If you can not properly investigate and properly respond to my complaint, please give me the name and email address of a higher authority who can. I have been using CP on this same route for the last 12 years and I have never seen such poor customer service. I EXPECT A PROMPT RESPONSE !!!

The fact that you sent a response intended for another passenger makes me believe the CP has serious internal problems and I think this is a violation of Mr. Jalbuen Go's privacy rights."

Below, see a copy of the second complaint I sent to Cathay on January 15th.

"On January 11, my wife and flew from Vancouver to Hong Kong on flight CX 889 and were supposed to connect to a Dragon Air flight CX 5061 departing at 0805 on January 12th. The CX 889 flt should have landed at 0700 but the pilot announced we would be landing late. I then requested flight crew to notify Dragon air because the schedule was very tight but both of the crew I asked said there would be no problem. We got off the plane at 0720, 5 minutes before the boarding time and the dragon air departure gate, 501, was in the satellite concourse on the other side of the airport. At least 15 minutes away. I had booked a wheel chair and was directed to the exit where ground crew were supposed provide the wheel chair and get to my wife and I to the boarding. gate. This area was in absolute chaos!!!. There were 2 Cathay ground personnel there and 4 or 5 wheel chair attendants who were contractors from a company called Worldwide Flight Services.The 2 Cathay ground crew seemed to have no control over who was doing what. Of course we told both of these people our concern about the time and asked if they had alerted the boarding gate. The female ground crew member said yes. These 2 ground crew were yelling at the attendants who seemed to ignore them. 3 times I was told to get into a wheelchair and 3 times I was told to wait. Finally I was loaded into a wheel chair along with 3 other Canadians 2 of whom required wheel chairs. The ground crew seemed to be completely indifferent to the shortage of time and we wasted about 20 minutes here. We arrived at gate 501 before 8 but the gate was closed and and they would not let us on the plane, THE PLANE LEFT AT 0810. The Dragon air man who appeared to be in charge ( Mike)told us he had tried to contact the Cathay ground crew several times but either no one answered or they hung up. About 1 hour later some Cathay personnel showed up at the gate and then all 5 of us were wheeled down to the arrivals area to try to get an alternative flight. At about 1045 we got our new flight on Brunai Air to Bandar Sri Begowan and then on to BKI. We were given about 2 hours in the Cathay lounge and eventually arrived in BKI around 8 PM 9 hours late and exhausted.

This whole mess was caused by failure on the part of the Cathay air and ground crew Here are my specific concerns:
1.inept and indifferent Cathay ground staff
2 failure of the flight crew to communicate to the Dragon Air gate crew
3 failure of the Cathay ground crew to communicate with with the dragon Air gate crew.
4.completely inadequate wheelchair facilities
5. no offer to compensate the 5 of us for our misery. 2 hours in the lounge doesn’t cut it.

I look forward to a response from Cathay Senior Managemant"

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