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Default Poor Customer Service at MCO

I retired in 2015 and have always flown aa if there is a policy that retirees do not fly for free then the staff does not know it. I left Dallas for Florida on September 27th and bags flew free. I arrive at MCO and was asked the same question that I'm always asked when flying and showing my identification. Are you Active Duty or Active Duty flying on military orders?
Answer is always NO! The agent goes to the kiosk puts in their code and I proceed to check bags for free. This has happened since October 2015 when I retired after 20 years of Active Duty service. So back to the attendant and supervisor at MCO. I was then escorted to an attendant because of my issue and as I was trying to explain to her she rudely cut me off to tell me about policy. So I patiently waited so that I could explain I heard the policy already from someone at the kiosk but wanted to explain my side as the customer. She then rudely cuts me off and says well that's the policy and you have to pay. I then asked for a supervisor but she asked to weigh my bags first so that she could tell me the cost. So as I am putting my bag on the scale it is obviously overweight and the fee is ridiculous so I go on to tell her this and of course she says this is the policy and if I didn't want to pay the overage I would need to remove some things from my suitcase. As I was removing items I asked to speak with a supervisor. So I am unaware that as she goes to slowly find a supervisor she has my boarding pass. I had to stand there humiliated like a child while I in panic look at the time after I already told her my flight was leaving soon. It takes her nearly 15 minutes to bring back a very RUDE supervisor that proceeds to tell me the same thing. So I tell the supervisor that she was rude and I felt discriminated against for several reasons, being a woman and most of all being a black woman. They did not speak to any of the other passengers that came behind me in the tone that they spoke. They were courteous and pleasant but with me it was as if they wanted to put me in my place. So as I get talked to like a child I finally just end up rushing and paying and shifted some things out of my carry on and in my suitcase in a hurry. Now I'm running through the airport trying to make it to my flight on time and fortunately I did. I get to DFW and as I stand there as the last passenger I realized that I was not going to receive my bags. I then go over to customer service at DFW and they were AWESOME. They spoke to me in a courteous tone even though I was frustrated and let me know that my bags were checked for another flight. Of course I was angry at that point because I had a very important meeting to attend that I needed to change for and then a family emergency. Between work, family, and being treated harshly that made for a very unpleasant Sunday. Back to the attendant and supervisor, when I asked for their first and last names they rudely say all I need is their first and I could deal with corporate on my own time. I know for sure that she put my bags on the wrong flight and the only thing AA could say is sorry here is our policy and we will offer you a credit. Really AA? Are you not going to deal with the bigger issue here!

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