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Post Baggage Problem and Compensation

Passenger: Chandrakant S. Desai, 5110 N. Calle La Cima, Tucson, AZ 85718; Tel: 520 577 9642; email: [email protected].
Turkish Airlines lost baggage for entire stay, missed connections both ways for its fault and refuses to pay for expenses and compensation
Below is the history of my problems with Turkish Airlines. Please help.
I flew first (in the US) and business class (Turkish Airlines); Confirmation No. R8HAUA, from Tucson, Arizona to Cairo on 21 November 2018. When I reached Cairo in the morning of 22 Nov. 2019, my bag did not arrive. I reported the loss at the Cairo airport with Report No. CAI TK71149. Then I called Turkish Airline in Cairo almost every day and was told that I can buy toiletries, clothes, and other needs as they cannot find my bag; and Turkish Airlines will reimburse me. Finally, the bag was delivered on Nov. 28, 2018 late in the evening. My return flight TK 691 to Istanbul was on the next morning on Nov. 29, 2019. Thus I was without my bag for the entire time I was in Cairo.
The return flight from Cairo on 29 Nov. 2019 was delayed because the fault of the airline and I missed my flight from Istanbul to Chicago and had to stay in Istanbul for more than 24 hours. Hence, I had to incur $30 for the Turkish visas. Also, I had to stay overnight in a hotel (Wyndham) in Chicago from Nov. 30 to Dec. 1, 2019, with the cost of $147.06. I was in a wheel chair and they changed wheel chairs often because some of them left me in the middle of the Istanbul Airport; I had to pay $50 as tips to a number of them. I was told by airlines officials that they will reimburse me for the visa fee, hotel cost and other expenses. The list of invoice for expenses for $ 365.29 is copied below. I have copies of invoices which I have submitted to Turkish Airlines.
Also, because of the fault of the airline, I missed the flight to Cairo on 21/22Nov. 2019 with a delay of about 7 hours at Istanbul airport, and on return on 29 Nov. 2019, on the way to Chicago, for the delay of over 24 hours in Istanbul. I had to incur special resources and experienced mental agony. The airlines should pay me a compensation of $700.00 for this.
I filed the claim to Turkish Airlines at their email (TURK HAVA Baggage Services: [email protected]); the Tracing No. 2018166832 or Reference No. DAH CAITK71149. Since filing the claim I have submitted a number of times the list and copies of invoices. However, I have not heard from the Airlines till today. It seems that the Airlines is dragging its feet for no understandable reason.

Expenses Related to Lost Baggage, Turkish Airlines Passenger: Chandrakant S. Desai Dec. 3, 18
Including the rationale and reasons for reimbursement and payment.
No. Item Amount
1 Trouser -1 Egyptian 499.00
2 Toiletries and medicines 600.85
3 Shirts-2 259.98
4 Underwears 310.00
5 Taxi from Hotel to Shops 450.00
6 Reading Book 300.00
Total Egyptian 2419.83
US $ at 1 $ = 17.5 Egyptian U.S.$ 138.23
7 Visa Fee (Turkish)* U.S.$ 30.00
8 WYNDHAM Hotel in Chicago 30 Nov. 18* U.S.$ 147.06
1450 East Touhy Ave, Des Plaines IL 60018
9 Tips for wheel chairs (***) U.S.$ 50.00
All total U.S. $ 365.29
Note: Receipts attached for items 1 to 8 (4 sheets)
To be Paid to Chandrakant S. Desai U.S. $ 365.29 PLUS $700.00 because the travel (Business Class) by Turkish Airlines was miserable and worthless e.g. (a) lost baggage for entire time in Cairo, (b) missed flight in Istanbul on 22 Nov. 2018 (about 8 hours layover), and (c) again missed flight in Istanbul on 29 Nov. 2018 ( over 24 hours layover).
Home Address: 5110 N. Calle La Cima, Tucson, AZ 85718, USA
Tel: (520) 577 9642; Email: [email protected]
(*) Because of the missed flight in Istanbul, for the fault of Turkish Airlines, I had to pay the visas fee and overnight hotel in Chicago.
(**) There were three wheel chair persons, because some left me in the middle of the airport, and others have to be called in.
0016 730971, caitk71149

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