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Angry VUELING / IBERIA - Avoid this airline!!

<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = "O" /><O:p>26th July 2014 </O:p>
I am compelled to write to you to express my concerns regarding your service and more importantly, a number of extremely serious incidents relating to and on my flight Roma-Malaga (Spain) VY6211 captained by Mr Antonio Bernal on the 25<SUP>th</SUP> July 2014 15.30hrs., matters which should indeed be of serious concern to yourselves.<O:p></O:p>
· Our 15.30 flight was delayed for 60 minutes. At no time was an announcement made whilst at the airport nor at the time of boarding. No announcement, no explanation and no apology.<O:p></O:p>
· The ladies handling the checking-in was either inexperienced or were following orders but their manners and capability to handle the checking-in process seemed to leave a lot of room for improvement. They appeared lost as to what to do which in turn may have exacerbated the delays in boarding.<O:p></O:p>
· The handling of the “hand” luggage was terrible with people whisking in hand luggage way over the determined size allowed by most carriers as “hand” luggage and in many cases, people boarded the plane with 2 and even 3 pieces of hand luggage. <O:p></O:p>
· The cabin crew charged with ensuring the hand luggage is correctly stored were completely out of their depth and could not control the passengers. Personally we had a small rucksack removed from the overhead lockers to make room for an oversized suitcase. I was asked to place my backpack under my seat, inhibiting my leg room whilst a passenger who has violated the rules and should have been refused to bring such a large suitcase is “rewarded”, and does not pay to put her luggage in the hold . I on the other hand, who travel with a small ordinary hand luggage am told that “the overhead lockers are NOT for backpacks but for cases!”. Perhapsyour airline should advertise this friendly and cheap service and encourage the use of oversized hand luggage instead of small rucksacks! I am, of course being sarcastic. <O:p></O:p>
· The flight took off an hour behind schedule and this was later explained by the captain as being down to unordinary amount of planes taking off. Perhaps so, but losing the allotted departure slot did seem like an error on the part of the carrier Vueling and its staff and not the airport authorities. <O:p></O:p>
· A constant amount of turbulence was experienced along the whole 2.5 hour journey necessitating the need to remind passengers to fasten their seatbelts. A cabin member approached the air stewardesses, on behalf of the captain (el patron) to ask whether they wanted to continue dishing out tea and coffee or did they prefer to strap themselves in their own seats (they continued with their work serving coffees despite having an unsecure passenger in turbulent conditions puts other passengers in danger)
· The airplane climbed to the required height quickly to avoid and get beyond the high clouds and turbulence. Given the excessive front and high clouds, I noted the captain kept going higher and higher and later announced we had climbed to the stipulated 37,000 feet. However it was before this announcement and as we happily cruised barely above these high clouds that I saw another airliner travelling at exactly our same height in the exact opposite direction to our right! This was not more than 500 metres from our own. I believe this was a dangerous and reckless manoeuvre on the part of our own pilot who was most certainly the one in the wrong. This was a near miss if I have ever seen one. I did not note the plane’s name sadly. However, minutes later and on the LEFT on the plane,yet ANOTHER plane, this time a Ryanair craft, came to under 500 metres from us, again, in the exact opposite direction and level to our own path of travel!TWO near misses in under 20 minutes is a SERIOUSLY dangerous mistake which could have very easily have proved disastrous. <O:p></O:p>
· The approach and landing left a lot to be desired with the plane circling and banking left and right a number of times as we neared Malaga. I have never known a plane to manoeuvre in this manner in preparation for landing. Clearly the weather and wind was a factor but I have never in my experience flying into this airport in such a way. I am sure the by now anxious pilot was keen to land the craft.
· To end the saga we deplaned and made our way to the baggage collection belt. The belt did not commence operation until a full 20 minutes after all passengers had arrived at the belt. Why such a delay when the luggage was being removed from the plane even whilst we were still sitting waiting for the plane doors to open? <O:p></O:p>
· And does it really make sense to start the refuelling process when all passengers are still IN THE PLANE and with the doors closed? Are there no health and safety issues at stake here???<O:p></O:p>
· Finally, as a matter of interest, both a the time of boarding the plane and again on landing there was a strong odour of cigarette smoke. Someone, a passenger or a crew member was actually smoking immediately before and immediately on landing inside or immediately outside the plane. <O:p></O:p>
The above comments are in my opinion, of grave concerning VUELING/ IBERIA is something that cannot go unreported. I certainly shall not be travelling VUELING in the foreseeable future. For all these this reason I am compelled to copy this letter to the CAA and FAA.
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