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Angry Violence against disabled persons

Dear Sir/Madam,

On 2 September at 07:35, I traveled with my eight years old daughter by Turkish Airlines from Tehran to Cologne with a stop in Istanbul at 09:25, where I was denied boarding the flight to Cologne at 11:50. I am disabled and sit in a wheelchair. They were impolite to other disabled and me and older people; no information was given, and the personnel was completely rude or ignorant at the assistant desk at the airport. At the assistance desk, they received our passport, and when we were going to ask them about our flight, they rudely said go another side; we will call your name.
Finally, after several hours we lost our flight because they did not bring us to the gate. The assistant desk gave back our passports and rudely told me to go to Turkish Airlines (Consider that I sat in a wheelchair with a little child and, without assistance, had to go there).

Then I went with a lot of difficulties with my small daughter in my wheelchair with a small suitcase to the desk of Turkish Airlines, there the apparent tradition of rudeness continued, and they replied to me that I had to purchase a new ticket, despite the fact I already had the tickets and I lost my flight due to their poor organization. At that moment, I got a heart problem due to the stress they caused, which badly affected my daughter, who got afraid. I was hardly breathing, and I felt that I was dying.

After that, one of the employees of Turkish Airlines started to search for a new flight after they found a flight to Cologne the next day at 4:35 p.m., despite saying to them that I had incontinence and could not stay until tomorrow afternoon. I asked them, please give me an earlier flight to any part of Germany, the Netherlands, or Belgium, but I could not stay overnight at the airport.
I asked them to talk with their manager, but they did not let me speak, and then a worker came, without my permission, pushed my wheelchair angrily, and rudely said: "STOP HERE."
After I went with the help of some passengers (not the official assistants from the airport!) to the desk that offers a hotel to those who lost their flights, we waited till 22:00 they gave a hotel to many others but not to my daughter and me and sent us to a hotel upstairs in the airport, when we arrived there they told us that its a private hotel and we needed a booking.

There I got so angry, rushed to the airport police, then one of the workers of Turkish airlines noticed it, and called somebody. He brought us to the desk of their supervisor, two supervisors refused to give us a hotel, but another woman there finally arranged a hotel for us around 01:00 in the morning.

I want to put a complaint about their discriminating rude, and neglective behavior towards a person in a wheelchair traveling with her small daughter, which could easily be at severe risk due to the young age of my daughter and my medical particular sensitive condition, which does not allow the Spartan conditions which go along with overnight and day stay at an airport without any possibility to ly down or other facilities needed for a person with a spinal cord injury

I made two movies that day, and if you want, I can share them with you.

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