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Angry Employee Error Unresolved

American won't make things right even when they make an error. I arranged an unplanned flight home from Dallas to Minneapolis so I could surprise my elderly parents, to return on 11/02/2008. I'd go home every month if I could afford it. I put a reservation on hold online about 2 weeks before the trip. When it wasn't there the next morning I called reservations and the rep. "restored" (and that was her word) the reservation so I could purchase it at the low price I found the day before. I was able to pull up the reservation using the original locator code and paid for it. Moving ahead, late the evening of 11/01/2008 I called to verify my flight for the next day. Turns out the restored reservation was wrong and my return flight was the afternoon of 11/01/2008. I called and 1st one, then a 2nd (supervisor) admitted that the reservation was correct for the 2nd when I made it, but the reservation rep set it up wrong when I called the next day and she 'restored' it. But since I didn't catch the error, too bad, not American Airlines problem, If I want to go home I had to pay $150.00 re booking fee. The reps were condescending and rude. My first email complaint response contained the following, somewhat paraphrased, (if we refunded you, we, Am Airlines, would have to refund everyone. It's not in the nature of our business). Nothing addressing reps attitude and yet agreeing that the original rep made an error. I tried a certified letter to the CEO, Gerard Arpey, of course, he never saw it. The second rep making the reply said, and I paraphrase, (don't bother writing again, it won't make any difference and I'd be wasting their time and my time). I know my error was not seeing the date error they made, but they should make things right since they admit to making an error. Sorry about going on so long and if you got this far, thanks for reading.
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Have they admitted to making the error in writing? If so, it is possible a valid contract was never made, as there was no "meeting of the minds" as to the nature of the contract. If they have not admitted their error in writing, you are in a tricky situation. I am not sure what the US rules are... in the UK you could demand a transcript of your phone calls under the Data Protection Act, but I am not sure if the US has a similar law. Smalls claims would be a good route if you have any proof that they admit their error.
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When I make a reservation online, I keep a copy of that reservation on my computer, along with all email correspondence. That way, if they make an error, I have some sort of proof.

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