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Default qantas steals frequent flyer points

This truly hopeless airline has cancelled my frequent flyer points without any warning. They claim that they sent an email alert. I receive monthly blogs and adverts from them by email so I know that the email works OK. I am 100% sure they never sent any alert, so they are plain, barefaced,outright liars.
Avoid this awful company like the plague. I guess this is hardly necessary advice now that they are one of the most unsafe around (just google their safety record). Only the most uninformed would fooled into ever flying with them.
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One of the most unsafe airlines in the world? They still haven't had a crash, and they grounded their a380's until the issue was resolved and that was a rolls royce fault which weren't only related to qantas......and the 747 that had engine issues turned back and landed safely

Ask qantas to resend the email and if you did receive it then your complaint is mute but if you didn't get it then get them to reinstate the miles and ask for additional.....I know that I skip over some emails just because I don't think they are important such as promotional coupons, also check your spam folder
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I am voting for the spam file
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lucky near misses - just a matter of time....
If they treat their aircraft like their customers, then it will happen sooner rather than later.
Regarding your suggestions, thank you, but: done, done and done: Like communicating with a brick wall. FF apparently is somehow separate from Qantas, I assume a ploy to pass the buck until people get worn down. They should have been sold off to the vulture capitalists a few years ago and we would be rid of them now.

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