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Default Damaged luggage/mistreated luggage

flew into Houston today to find two of our suitcases damaged one with the wheel completely broken off the base of the suitcase and the other one where the handle is now stuck inside the suitcase, but United has a policy where they do not cover either of those items so we are out of luck there. Basically they are saying to their employees go ahead mess up peoples things we are not going to make it better for them and hey we already have their money. Also when we arrived all of our luggage was off the carousel and we were missing a stroller we went to the United employee standing there and told her we were missing a stroller and the luggage tag that was associated with the stroller was given to her. About two minutes later the stroller was thrown from the ramp area through the plastic and into the baggage claim area hitting the carousel and landing on the floor next to the woman the womans response was simply "oh well there is your stroller" what kind of people does this airline have working for them most employers require people to go through some type of training when working with the public this airline seems to give their employees classes on how to not get along with the public and how to upset their customers I can now see how they were rated the worst airline in 2010 maybe they should continue to get that award.
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What kind of people does this airline have working for them? The kind that work cheap and don't care. Passengers want cheap tickets and complain when they deal with employees that have no sense of customer care. US airlines want profit and the biggest expense to them is salary of employees. So they've cut them to poverty level and they get what they get.

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Default Personnel

How personnel do the job is probably a reflection on how they feel about the management of their company and how management treats them.

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