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COMPLAINT: My Plane Took Off Early!

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Old Oct 22, 2007, 10:20 AM
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I fly Alaska all the time. This took place on October 14 and is the first time it ever happened to me. My first flight from Seattle to Long Beach was delayed by fog. The gal at the counter issued me a boarding pass with a new time of 4:30. The "boarding time" was 3:45. I got to the gate at 3:30 and discovered my plane had already left! They explained that they were "catching up" due to the fog. They were very prompt and polite to get me on another flight.

Anyone out there know if this is procedure? And, how was I supposed to know this was going to occur?

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Old Oct 29, 2007, 5:17 AM
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I'm not trying to be mean but FYI, when it comes to a weather delay the flight is put into what is called a "Ground Delay Program". This is done to slow down air traffic so aircraft do not get into accidents on the ground and/or in the air. When a particular flight is involved in the program it is said to be on a "Ground Hold", which basically means that the FAA is holding the aircraft in a certain city for a certain amount of time to make sure there is a safe distance between the aircraft in the air. The thing is that a flight that is on a "Ground Hold" can be delayed or put back on time at any time. Basically the FAA calls the airlines and releases the flight to go ASAP. I'm sorry this happened to you but just for future reference if you are involved in this situation again do not go too far from the gate. The airline may get the OK to board 5 minutes after they tell you they are delayed, so always listen for airport announcements etc.
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