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COMPLAINT: Etihad Airways - terrible experience

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Old Dec 11, 2007, 6:00 AM
zubairn zubairn is offline
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I am traveling by Etihad airways. Flight was scheduled to take off from doha at 2245 hrs but took off about two hours late because a connecting flight coming in from UK was late and they had to take in a few passengers from that flight. As a result, i along with about 20 other passengers on the flight missed our connecting flight abu dhabi to karachi.

When we reached the abu dhabi airport, Etihad staff misguided us and made us stand in queue of people flying to dhaka and manila. We asked 3 different etihad staff and they said we were in the right line. Even told them that there is no notification for a flight to karachi on the notice board but they said its ok. After an hour in this queue, we found out that the flight to karachi had already left before we arrived in abu dhabi.

They kept us in the dark for another two hours before issuing us boarding passes for the next flight to karachi which was after 22 hrs. However, no hotel stay has been provided. Etihad staff has made me run from one counter to another atleast a dozen times each saying that hotel transfer would be provided soon. In the morning, their stance has changed and now they say that no room is going to be provided and i just have to sit anywhere in the airport.

I told them that rules require hotel transfer to be provided to passengers if there is a delay of more than 8 hours but they say, quote "Etihad is not following any rules".

Now my question: Is there any governing body that enforces the implementation of such rules? Is there any action i can take against the airline for this? A 22 hour stay at the airport and no sleep for more than 36 hours has given be a fever.
If someone can give me any advise today (11th) on if and how i can get them to provide me a hotel room, please do email to [email protected]

Thank you
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Old Jul 11, 2008, 6:08 PM
anupkmisra anupkmisra is offline
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The luggage lost and found service in NY is terrible. All you get is a message when you call to speak to a live person and no one ever calls you back.

My elderly parents flew in to NY from New Delhi via Abu Dhabi, and they left their blue carry on bag (with Reebock written on it) with my father's shaving kit, home safe keys and prescription medicines. I have called their service three times and no one has bothered to call back.

Typical after sales service. If ayone from Etihad reads this message, please email me at [email protected]
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Old Jan 3, 2009, 8:30 PM
waqqas waqqas is offline
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My mother-in-law traveled thru flight EY0241 from Abu Dhabi to Lahore on Jan 1, 2009.

Due to some reason the flight was delayed 2-3 hrs. Finally when she reached Lahore she found her (and some other passengers') luggage was missing. She registered a complaint immediately and was told that the missing luggage will be coming thru next flight, and that she will be contacted for it. Today is 3rd day and the luggage has still not reached and she is stuck in Lahore at her relatives place ... she was supposed to travel to another city. Please note that she is on a 3 weeks family visit tour from US ... already almost 4 days wasted at Lahore ... now who is going to compensate for this loss???

I have sent a mail also thru Etihad's online feedback form but haven't received any call or reply from them. Please note that in past also no one has ever replied to the numerous mails that I have sent earlier for some other issues that I've faced with them. Calling up their call center here in Abu Dhabi I was given a number to call (02-5052771). I was told the number can be called anytime, i.e. 24 hrs service. Despite my several tries no one picked up the phone.
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Old Jan 21, 2009, 3:15 PM
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Old Jun 24, 2011, 4:17 PM
shovern shovern is offline
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Etihad does not have a customer services department. They do not care at all about the welfare of their customers.

If something goes wrong you will never get any help from them.

So if you value your time and life - Dont fly with etihad.

The staff are ignorant and arrogant.

CEO of etihad James Hogan should be sacked. ABC News likened him to " A Boy in a Lolly shop" - He doesn't have a clue -

-Spending all the sheikhs money - but not building a proper business with it.

They have now resorted to cost cutting and offering cheaper fares - They are going down - Avoid them at all costs.
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Old Jun 29, 2013, 6:16 PM
septoas septoas is offline
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I flew Business Class on Etihad Airways from New York JFK to Jakarta CGK via Abu Dhabi AUH on June 28, 2103. In New York JFK the Etihad counter did not give my connecting flight EY 7139, a Garuda flight code share with Etihad, boarding pass from AUH to CGK which they said that I must get it in AUH. My flight from New York landed 30 minutes early than schedule at 7.20 PM so I went to Etihad transfer desk in terminal 3, after 20 minutes queue, the transfer desk ask me to go Etihad Transfer desk in Terminal 1. In terminal 1 after 15 minutes queue then again they ask me to Garuda counter, from Garuda counter then asked me to go back to Etihad counter. until 08.20 PM about 50 minutes before the flight depart at 09.15 PM the Etihad transfer desk said that I am not allowed to board Garuda even though my luggage are all the way through to Jakarta by Garuda. Then I have to call Etihad call center to solve my problem my self, Etihad counter did not give me solution until I called Call center and let Etihad call center spoke to one of the Etihad transfer desk officer. Finally after long arguing they let me fly to Jakarta by Etihad next flight EY 472 on the next morning at 11.05 but they did not give any hotel for waiting more than 14 hours. As the frequent traveller, this is by far the worst experience, especially for business class passenger who deserve to get better service from the airline.
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Old Jun 29, 2013, 11:36 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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Looks like Etihad are being infected with the US Airline industry disease of disempowered customer service reps, who try instead just to get people away from their desk. They do not take responsibility for solving the problem, or in this case, they make it much worse. Write to the CEO, but also switch to Emirates and see if your fare better. Switching airlines is the only effective response.
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Old Jun 30, 2013, 3:06 AM
Colin Colin is offline
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I just had to join this forum as I cannot believe the level of incompetence and mismanagement of the Etihad Guest loyalty programme. We travelled to Australia in April and have tried for months to get the Airmiles credited to our guest accounts. There was no apology though it was clearly their fault. The website is shocking too and did not accept our efforts to have the miles added. I still have no idea why our airmiles were not credited as I had signed up to the loyalty programme when I booked our tickets.The customer service in Etihad Guest is shocking - rude, arrogant and incompetent. There is no fault acknowledged. Whoever is running the communications from this department is totally incompetent and arrogant. I am in business myself and cannot believe that this aspect of the business is so poorly managed.
Our flights were fine but the aisles were very narrow and Abu Dhabi is a nightmare transit airport but the price was low so we put up with that.
I never join forums but have done so to tell people that I will never fly Etihad again due to a complete lack of faith in their customer service systems. My complaint was not properly acknowledged and dealt with and I will not be spending my cash with them again for that reason.
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