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COMPLAINT: Checkin and gate agent

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Old Aug 27, 2012, 3:28 AM
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We checked in 24 hours prior to flight thru our iphones. We had a confirmation of B-03 and B-02. We thought we had everything set ready for our departure from denver co to Austin tx. As we got to the gate southwest announced they had over booked. We decided to take advantage of their offer to take a later flight only to find out my boarding number had been taken away from me! Then the lady at the counter told me to wait! They acted disinterested in solving my issue (which was clearly southwest arirlines fault to begin with) the lady at the counter never apologized or acknowledged that it was clearly SWA fault. All she did was treat me like it was my fault even though it stated on boarding pass to check front desk. So basically they gave me a boarding number when we checked in but took it away. NEVER DID SWA or the lady at the boarding apologized for inconviencing me. My boyfriend had his pass and proceeded on plane. Then they showed no attention to trying to help me get on flight. This was nothing more than a "screw you" we don't care if you get on the flight. I was beyond frustrated worried I was stranded at Denver airport with no way of returning back to Austin. They were closing the doors to board the plane. They never EVER apologized for their system screw up and the lady at the boarding counter threatened to deny me boarding EVEN THOUGH THE TICKET WAS PURCHASED and we had clearly had a boarding number position to board!!! My boyfriend and I have vowed to never fly southwest airline again. If you care about a successful and safe Flight to your destination you will consider not giving southwest airline your business. It will take a tragedy of a flight crash before people understands that SWA is not a competent aria travel business to realize they have become over confident that customer service is no longer requiredr their safety standards are not that important. Head my warning...if your family member is stranded or God forbid comes to a tragic castrophe I will feel your pain and sorrow!!!

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Old Aug 27, 2012, 6:57 AM
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So, I was with you all the way. Poor customer service, poor staff attitude and lack of customer care. Sounds like a real problem and as they expand ever faster, there seems to be an increase in the number of complaints against SWA, which is a shame as they previously had a good customer service reputation.

Then, out of the blue you started on safety. There was nothing in your description of your experience which has anything to do with safety or the safety culture in SWA. In fact, statistically SWA is one of the safest airlines in the world. I am not sure you can make a leap into "SWA is unsafe, because their customer service sucks".
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Old Aug 27, 2012, 7:04 AM
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I wanna know what kind of bf gets on the plane without his gf. And it was never explained if he got off or if she was allowed to board. The story stops before that is explained and goes on to a tragic air catastrophe.

And this is why we should take these complaints seriously??
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