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To whom it may concern,

Complaint Ref # 16753342

I am writing to complain about my last fligh BA0102 on 2nd of july from calgary to London ,which I have booked 6 months in advance through british aiways official web site ( booking reference :2K4Z8Y ) in order to make sure I get a bassinet for my baby girl since I was traveling alone with my three children for a long trip to Egypt about 16 hours.

When I was checking in my baggage, I asked the agent if they were the same seats I have booked ,and she said yes so I thanked her and said "you made my day" Then when I was boarding I realized that she actually ruined my day cause surprisingly I found out that my seats were changed to regular third raw ones with no bassinet! I saw her again at the gate and she lied by saying "thats what I was trying to explain some body else has booked your seats!" I was like excuse me you didnt say so I have a print out of my itinerary with a status confirmed from your website showing my seats with a bassinet. Another agent asked me to get on the plane and said they will help me with this on board.

I had no choice but to believe that things will get better on board not until I asked the flight attendant klaudia to speak to her superviser Richard Procter who was approaching me with a red face and whithout a single apology he said "i think they have already explained to you that the plane is fully booked " and in a rude way that sounded like he is scholding a child who is misbehaving he asked if I want to travel or not cause if not I can simply get off the plane!

I am really shocked and disappointed is this how a reputable airline such as british airways should be treating her passengers? Is that the only solution he can offer me? My boys were scared once he said we are gonna get off the plane. This is by far ridiculous and obnoxious. I calmed my boys down, tried to restrain myself not to be disrespectful ,and had to carry my baby girl on my lap all this distance knowing that I have a problem in my knee patella. Now after me arriving I have booked an appointment for dopler since my legs are hurting me badly. I don't want to cause troubles ,but if by any chance something went wrong with my dopler, I will take every legal action against your airlines.

I had the worst traveling experience on your airlines and I am so unsatisfied about your customer service. I hope that someone would investigate this matter and handle my complaint in a professional way that would at least make me and my children feel comfortable to travel again on our return trip back to calgary. I have not attached my booking details since you asked not to do so ,however, I am willing to send them when needed.

Booking reference : 2K4Z8Y

flight# BA0102

date: 2nd of july 2017

Destination : london



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