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Old Oct 26, 2018, 9:28 PM
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Exclamation Passenger allowed to get drunk - insulted me

This is a recent review by my wife to TUIFly, after a flight where she was physically attacked by a drunk passenger and racially insulted:

We wanted to give a 10 but due to our return flight we could not.

Our flight to Belgium was perfect. I was so surprised at the quality of everything, NICE JOB!....BUT....
Our flight home was not good. We were going to file a report but were not sure how to do it. A flight attendant supposedly filed a report on the airplane.


We had paid for an extra leg room seat near the bathroom. Row 30 emergency exit. We wanted those seats because I am tall and I have a leg circulation problem.
So we understand that it would be an area of some congestion, with people waiting to get in the bathroom. On the flight over the seats were perfect so we repurchased them for our return flight.
What we did not expect was for it to become a drinking area for two passengers.

What happened is two men started standing there to talk, and drink. They each had a small bottle of purchased wine and that seemed fine for the moment.
When finished with the bottle they tucked the trash into the flight attendants jumper seat. One man went down back and returned after purchasing 4 more bottles. Which they drank and now were starting to show the effect of becoming a bit intoxicated. They put their trash in the flight attendants jumper seats again. As you know this is all happening within less than 2 meters space in front of our seats.
One man was became a bit loud and his movements were becoming exaggerated and then he banged into my stretched out legs.
After that his girlfriend/wife came to use the bathroom and when she came out he started kissing her and touching all her intimate parts before she went to sit down.
The other man went down back and came back with another 4 little bottles of wine which they almost finished , when the same man again banged into my legs and stepped on my foot.

By now I was frustrated because this was going on for over an hour directly in front of us and they didn’t appear to be ready to stop, for the man went down back to purchase more wine.

So we called the flight attendant over and told her we do not know these people or want to start a problem with them...but this wasn't a healthy thing that was happening here and asked her if they realized how much these men had drunk and that they were stuffing their trash in their jump seats, and becoming a very big disruption to our ability (and others) to rest and enjoy the flight in seats we purchased to have extra leg room but, with them there we were having a problem utilizing that leg room.
We asked her if someone could do something because it appeared to us that the situation could get out of control because they were getting drunker and drunker.

The man did not speak English but when the flight attendant looked at them while talking to me, the man knew I was talking to her about them.
The flight attendant said she was aware of it and they were disrupting their getting by there also... but they were so busy.
So she kindly talked to them in Dutch but one man started raising his voice and I do not know what he said because I do not speak Dutch,vbut I only understood two words..."whitey woman" ... that was fine names do not bother me. I just stayed calm and let her do her work.
After a bit handed over all their trash from the jump seat and even their new bottle of wine… and after a bit more they headed down back with her… but on the way back there, the one man had a half of glass of wine with some melted ice and he threw it on me… had to have the last word, I guess.

Of course that was not alright.
But my husband and I did not react but just stayed calm.
I do not even know if the flight attendant saw that.
Later she came over and asked how we were and if we wanted a drink or something... we thanked her and said no.
My husband decided he should talk to a supervisor afterwards, I was sleeping by then, but he said she was nice and would file a report and she told us to do the same when we got home.

MY complaint is this....
The flight attendants were very nice but very busy, I do not know to what extent they were aware of the situation… even though one had mentioned they were in her way also when going by that area.
But it seems to me if you have passengers loitering in a common area and drinking for so long they should be asked to go back to their seats.
That was technically our area for our legs and those waiting to go the bathroom. If people want to get drunk that is their business... but, I can not understand why it was allowed to get to the point that it did. If the female attendants were uncomfortable with them they should have called someone who could have handled it.
It seems some limits should be placed on some things.
We all purchase seats with the responsibility to be aware of the other person sitting next to us and to follow the direction of the pilot and airline policy.
What is your policy on this? It seemed there wasn’t one....
I am just happy that the man did not do anything worse to anyone ... beside call me names and wet my hair with his drink.… hink of how much worse it could have been.

What is your response....?

Now, in my ignorance I don't know why I expect any answer OR COMPENSATION from TUIfly, but I do.

We'll all together see what they will do.
attack, drunk, insult, tuifly

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