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COMPLAINT: Refunds only given to the Departed (deceased)

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Old Jun 7, 2007, 11:14 PM
seanhogg seanhogg is offline
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I recently contacted Air Canada regarding a ticket i purchased for my Father. He was to acompany my Mother and brother to Jamaica to see me get married. Unfortunately, he fell ill and hasn't recovered. We fear that he may pass.

Anyways, they responded with what i call a "canned" or template response. I used to work at a call center and i know about "cut and pasting" responses but my inquiry was genuine and thier response was a slap in the face.

My response:

Dear Michelle XXXXXX,

I am utterly disgusted. I did not send you an email as your reply letter indicates. My correspondence was sent via fax.

The “canned” or “template” response you provided has only bastardized the image of Air Canada. Furthermore, replies of this nature don’t go unnoticed. Need I remind you that people make product and service decisions by considering others opinions (word of mouth, internet, email, etc). I read the comments about Air Canada but made the grave mistake of giving you the benefit of the doubt.

I will try to reiterate my father’s current circumstances again on his behalf. He was and is still not well. Under his Doctor’s advice has chosen not to travel (I provided you with documentation from his Doctor). I’d hate to believe that the only way for a refund to be processed would be for him to die. Would my fathers passing then qualify me for refund? And if so, how unsettling and morbid does that sound.

In conclusion, if you had taken the time to fully read my inquiry and correctly acknowledge my correspondence then I might not be so appalled. However, I am and would appreciate your manager and/or senior ombudsmen to contact me via phone or email (provided above).

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Old Jul 22, 2009, 12:24 AM
abcs abcs is offline
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Sorry to read about your situation. There is room for empathy and consideration in business, but unfortunately that is not part of Air Canada's goal. I sincerely hope that your father does get better and you put it behind you because your belief is even more optimistic than I would be. I will answer your question before AC does and hopefully you can refocus you energy on the truly important, your father. Would your fathers passing qualify you for refund? Knowing Air Canada they would ask you for a death certificate, funeral directors certificate, signature from your father saying it is ok for you to ask for the refund, pictures of him, you, and all relative at the funeral, proof that you are his get the idea, then tell you "we respectfully decline......" leaving you frustrated. I will never fly with Air Canada again because of stories like yours. Air Canada is leaving the poorest legacy, that is for them to deal with.
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Old Jul 22, 2009, 5:42 AM
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Hi abcs and welcome to the forum.

Please check the post date in the upper-left corner when you reply to a post. Feel free to respond to any post you like however there is little value in responding to older threads and especially old threads where the original poster (OP) only posted once and did not provide any follow up to his/her complaint. The two threads you have replied to thus far have been over two years old. Your input and opinions are far more valuable to someone currently seeking advice.

Thanks and enjoy your stay.
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