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Default RyanAir online scam technique.

Recently tried to book return flight with Ryanair to malaga from Bournemouth. Got all the way to the end, when I tried to pay it came up with an error message and asked me to do it all over again. Hey what a surprise the price of the flights had changed!!!! They had gone up and its not the first time its happened its the third time in a year!!! Have spoken to others who have had same thing as well. I believe Ryanair is posting cheap flights to lure customers and then pretending there is a glitch to get them through again and then mysteriously the flight prices change!!! Spookey!!!!!!!!! Be ware all!!!
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thats some funky marketing, you should ask anyone on the plane if they booked their seat for the cheaper price, and if no one says anythin or everyone says the glitch happened than i think there will be some scared chickens once more people find out and a scandle has been found out haha

but who knows maybe it was all a coincidence, one that has hit many
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Although I wouldn't put it past RyanAir to use such a "bait and switch" technique, airline availability and therefore pricing can and does change frequently. I have booked on US based airlines several times and this has happened to me as well. It seems to happen more frequently on Delta and sometimes I am able to find the lower price on a third-party website such as Orbitz or Travelocity while Delta.com still says it is sold out of the lower fare.

Another thing to remember is that Airline pricing can be a lot like car dealers. you'll see an ad advertising a certain model of car for an unbeleivable price but if you read the "fine print" you'll see there is a stock number listed and the advertised price is only good for the specific vehicle and not all vehicles of that make and model. When you see an airline ad saying 19 Euro return plus taxes between specific cities there is no way of knowing how many seats on each flight are allocated to that fare. There may be several or there may only be one or two.
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Doesn't surprise me at all, but as others have commented, they'd not put it past Ryanair. What many people seem to forget is that there are other people amazingly fighting for the one promotional ticket on a flight that claims to be the minimum price. It's like a barnyard chock full of hens fighting over corn - not all the hens get the corn they want. Those nearest the corn get the corn...
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If the corn exists that is... Michael O'Leary is shameless. It would not surprise me a bit if Ryanair used such "bait and switch" tactics
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yes o'leary and bonderman will scam.
Ryanair Recruitment Scamming

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