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gasman1 8:50 PM Nov 19, 2013
Spirit Airlines has terrible customer service for anyone trying to access their flight information, change a flight, or even get a simple answer. I tried to contact them 10 min after making a flight reservation and was told i couldn't for 24 hrs. Then when i called back i was told 3 different times over a 6 hour period that their "computer systems were down for maintenance" or "their computer systems were being upgraded" and to call back in 30-60 min. Finally after calling back the next day i was told it was "too late to request a refund" as the 24 hr window was over. Great, how about changing the return portion of the flight? Oh, that'll be $125 fee plus the difference in fair! And, by the way, the return flight i wanted was unavailable - has been for 1 week per the agent - funny, it was available 4 days ago when i first made the reservation. Forget Spirit, go fly Southwest. Spirit Airlines is TERRIBLE! I will never use them again.
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