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Default Jet Blue cancels Bermuda flight...couldn't get fuel!

Thursday May 22nd, 2014 my daughter, who just graduated from college, and my wife were at Logan airport in Boston for their long planned and awaited trip to Bermuda on Jet Blue.The plane was right there in sight at the gate, fueled and ready to go.Then there was a delay, then more delay, then they finally cancelled the flight!They tried to book on other airlines, but could not secure passage any time soon at any rate that was reasonable.Jet Blue's cancellation excuse?There was a fuel problem in Bermuda, they said there was not enough fuel in Bermuda for that plane and crew to refuel and leave Bermuda, their plane and crew would have been stranded there.Ridiculous!So rather than take the 100+ passengers to Bermuda on the ready-to-go flight, and worry about fuel after delivering them there, they just cancel and leave 100+ people in the lurch.Corporate greed wins out over customer care, and vacation plans are dashed.Then, since we frequently see people getting free domestic air tickets for volunteering to get bumped off flights, my wife assumed they'd get that at a minimum as compensation, after destroying the vacation, and my wife being a mess for over a week about it, but no, Jet Blue's policy is a measly $50.00 credit each, which they doubled to $100.00 each.BFD!My wife complained loudly to everyone at Jet Blue, including top executives, but everything funneled back to their corporate mouthpiece tool, who would not budge on the measly, insulting $100.00 each credit...like we'd ever fly Jet Blue again!Then we find out that there were about 18 flights out of Boston to Bermuda that very same day, and apparently only lowly Jet Blue was denied fuel to get out of Bermuda.What a sad excuse for an airline, and customer service.We'll avoid them like the plague, and you should too.

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