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Thumbs down Don't Fly Frontier Airlines

Myname is Emanuel and this was my recent experience with Frontier Airlines: After reading several other posts, I have learned that I am not the only one having trouble with the low level of customer service and capabilities of the staff working at the Denver airport employed by Frontier Airlines. This appears to be a recurring theme.
My situation was similar to many others. I had non-stop round trip tickets from Orlando to Denver on 1/30 to 2/04. My flight went without a hitch in Orlando. However in Denver, it was a much much more unpleasant situation to put it extremely politelyI checked in the day prior to my flight online. I only needed to check in one of my bags. To my dismay, it was one of the biggest time sucks I have ever experienced. When I arrived at the Denver Airport baggage checking-in area well over an hour before the departure time.
To quote FlyFrontier.com, "In our Denver hub, please be in line to check-in at least 60 minutes prior to departure to ensure you are checked-in with a boarding pass in hand no later than 45 minutes prior to your flight's departure." I ensure you that I was in line well before 60 minutes prior to departure for my domestic flight. This quote was found on 2/14/14 at {see in next post};
I noticed that there were about 4 lines for checking in and about 4 lines for simply just dropping off checked bags (if already web checked in). Every line was completely full and moving at an amazingly slow snail pace. The staff in Denver were the slowest airline employees ever. They process about 4 or 5 customers an hour in the presumably faster "bag drop off" line. It is absurd how slow they were compared to the Orlando employees who were twice as fast. I spent 2 to 3 times more time waiting on Frontier employees than security. Fellow customers in line were grunting and complaining as much as I was while waiting for my turn to speak to an employee to simply check in my bag. To think, we pay the airlines to allow us to wait and wait to process our bags.
After that ever long wait and then the fairly normal tour of general security screening, we finally ran (literally sprinting) to the gate only to be given the most unwelcoming greeting. In no way did we hesitate or get side tracked getting to the gate. I was next in line to give my ticket to the Frontier employee when he told me "nope". We aren't taking any other passengers. In case he wasn't aware, I was a ticketed passenger with an assigned seat. There was a flight crew member entering the jet bridge and another customer walking towards it while I was denied. People were literally boarding the plane while I was denied and given no reason. Did I mention that it was 20 minutes prior to departure!!! It was suggested to me that our 2 tickets were sold as the flight was overbooked. This is why we couldn't board is because we our seats were already filled. They thought we wouldn't show up so they gave our seats up. How do you think we felt?!?!?!?!

Then, we had to wait in the Frontier customer service line which was 4 hours long!!! Who would imagine that this airlines would have so many complaints. Please see accompanying photo as evidence. And after the long wait we were told that the next flight available would be the 8th. As in 4 days later!!! And keep in mind Frontier is based out of Denver. Also, I'd like to point out that were not the only ones not allowed to board the aircraft on time. The other option given to us were to pay $50 each ($100 total) for standby tickets for the next flight over 5 hours after our original flight. Of course we weren't able to get on that flight since it was 45 minutes late and full. Then I come to find out on my own that these tickets were NON-REFUNDABLE. So now there is a Frontier scam of standby tickets and they say I'm out $100.

By now, you can imagine how over this airline I was. I turned to American Airlines and paid nearly $400 to get the 2 of us out of Denver so that I could make it to work on time the next day. So instead of the original nonstop flight to Orlando that I booked which would have arrived a little after 4 in the afternoon, I had to book a red-eye trip to TAMPA with a MIAMI layover that didn't land until around 8 in the morning the next day. Good thing we were able to sleep on the hard cold floors of the airport as we waited for the AA flight to board. AND we had to have someone pick us up and take us to Orlando so I could go to work.
So remember that checked in bag that I spent waiting in line forever for? My checked bag still flew to Orlando without us. And yes, I had to drive over to the Orlando airport after my longest day ever and pay to park for 20 minutes to get my bag.
My only compensation from a Frontier Rep via email which was sent 5 days after my initial complaint (was "I'm so sorry for the delay in responding to your email.
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Angry Link and Image referred in above post


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Frontier has been degraded and morphed into an "ultra low cost carrer" like Spirit & Allegiant. You have to understand that since most airline's costs are fixed (e.g. aircraft mortgage, airport rents, etc) the most obvious area to cut costs are in personnel. You will generally not find intelligent, well-trained, courteous employees, or any semblance of customer service at these airlines. Those items are not in the budget. What makes it even worse is that they often only have a few flights a week to a destination, so when they mess up, are delayed, overbooked, or cancelled passengers are basically screwed.
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And with the bag fees, they're not low cost. What a terrible experience. Just paid $380 in bag fees and the seats are hard plastic that don't recline. Next they will have you stand and charge to use the restroom. I will never fly them again.
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