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My name is Chehak Gogia. I am a 19 year old Indian-American woman. I flew Ryanair FR1236 on March 30th from ATH to JTR. My flight was delayed 1.5 hours after already calling for boarding, and I was quite displeased. To add to this inconvenience, I was singled out by the white male employee, as the only visibly South Indian/Middle Eastern woman on the flight, and told that my luggage was too large.
He refused to give me his name and let me speak to a supervisor, and told me to put my bag into the measuring device to see if it fit. I attempted to do so, however the device was broken and had metal sticking out from the side which, not only made the capsule smaller, but if I were to put my luggage in, would damage my expensive bag with a hard shell. I put it against the side and showed it was the same size, but he refused to listen.
In addition to this, he told me that my options were either to pay the 50 Euro fee, leave my bag behind, or to not fly. Those were his exact, very rude words to me. Not only this, but he accused me of being incredibly disrespectful to him although I had simply expressed that I was not being rude, just upset for being singled out. I was forced to pay the 50 euro fine, only to find out that contrary to the 50 Euro Gate tag/receipt I was given, I was charged OVER 60 EUROS! The receipt number is 83826, sequence number 105.
My caucasian female friend, whom I was traveling with, had the EXACT same luggage with the EXACT same dimensions as me, yet was never once approached. Every customer on that flight was given a FREE LUGGAGE TAG, in spite of these luggages being larger than mine. I took photos that clearly show two things. Firstly, the sheer number of free baggage tags that were distributed to everyone BUT ME. Secondly, it shows a side by side comparison of a luggage CLEARLY LARGER than mine with a yellow, free bag tag. It can only be presumed that her luggage was allowed over mine because she was a Caucasian woman.
I have flown Ryanair numerous times previously- from London to Dublin, to Stockholm, etc.- all with the same luggage, and have never once had an issue with my luggage. I am upset at the incredibly rude, RACIST actions of the man, never once allowing me to speak to the supervisor until we were finally boarding. The supervisor then refused to let me take a photo of her badge number and did not give me a name, however I managed to jot down the details of it on my cell phone. Her card stated “M. Galana” with the number “163909.”
My flight was delayed, I was forced to pay, treated abysmally, and thoroughly very displeased with my Ryanair experience. Your website is incredibly difficult to navigate. After much time, I finally found a contact number, called, was hung up on twice, and finally when someone answered, all he told me was to go to “General Compliments and Complaints.” I would like to make it clear that this is very much a complaint as well as a suable offense and I would respectfully ask for firstly, a refund for the baggage charge I should not have had to pay for, as well as a reimbursement for the overall misery I experienced as a result of Ryanair.

Edit: After submitting this complaint, I received an email response from Ryanair one week later. It simply stated the baggage dimensions and apologized for the delay. My complaint was more about my poor treatment, my being overcharged and the RACISM I faced at the hands of your staff, and less so about the delay. My baggage fits your parameters, but your Athens staff were unwilling to listen or accommodate, although they allowed much larger luggages to go for free. I am disappointed and quite frankly disgusted with your nonchalant and uncaring response. I expect a real apology or I will file a formal complaint with a lawyer.

This is absolutely abhorrent and I demand better.

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