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Southwest Airlines Complaints>Consumer Fraud
gbatarseh 5:45 AM Sep 11, 2016
I tried booking a flight today with Southwest Airlines at their website using my Rapid Rewards points. I was 1,500 points short to purchase my flight, so the website said that if I paid $60 for 2,000 more points, I could complete the transaction.

I went ahead and paid $60 for the additional points. The system returned me to complete the transaction, except that when I attempted to purchase it, the system told me the cost of the flight had increased, and that I would have to purchase 11,000 more points for an additional $300.

Talk about fraud!!! This is how class action lawsuits get started, and why juries award punitive damages against companies!!!

I called Southwest Airlines. First, they told me they couldn't sell me the flight at the price the website had quoted since the price had changed. Second, they told me they couldn't refund the $60 to me.

Mind you, I've been a loyal customer of theirs for years and have spent thousands of dollars with them, and they couldn't return me my $60 even though they committed fraud.

Talk about being short-sighted.
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