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Default Hidden Extre PAY + No OnLine Booking CHANGE @ Air FRANCE.eg

It is clear that: You learn (or program) your system to LIE & COLLECT the money from the clients as can as possible:

1-A- Reserv.# {Cai- Nice + (Warsaw) Copenhagen -Cai} : I made all search & effort by myself in your Web? ... In last step: “Pay” by Credit Card don’t finish the operation & told me: it PAUSE your reservation until Paid during a 3 days (Notice: Maintain the Reserv. for me Without fee!!) ...

B- Directly after without waiting, When entering to my Account to Pay: Withdraw the money from my credit (I have a SMS from my Bank with 6,403 EGP) without Complete the Booking? (In Thu 06/04/2017) … So, I MUST CALL you by phone?? …

C- First, told me you don’t pay and after many calls and went to your Airport Office the next day (& found it CLOSED not like your working hours in Net!). Then angrily call. You told me: You really Pay before? & Now, make a speed check for credit … Then, I reviewed with your operator & I said: Don’t discount (150EGP as a Service Fee): You don’t make any I do every things by myself but you make also to me a problems & difficulties by your system & phone & went to far Airport because of you. She answered: Of course, There is no Service Fee: The total fare will be: 6,403 EGP only ...

D- Yesterday, when reviewed my BANK STATMENT found: (Discount 6,638 EGP not 6,403 EGP) ... What can I say? You are widely &stupidly lying … You are intentionally stealing my money to gain as you can (Review the RECORDED Call(s) to check if you don’t know?) …

E- I want to REFUND the difference = (235 EGP <= 150+85) plus a COMPENSATION (Due to this Dealing & Waste my Time).

2- (3) COMPLAINTS to different Departments: (According: I must make a change the RETURN Flight in 11/08/2017 because the renew of my CIRCULAR Visa is issued until 02/08/2017 only! … So, I must change) … Start from 10 days ago (Fri 05/05/2017) without written & final Reply or Solution until reach today 15/05/2017 … So, The Ticket Fares became more & more leads: I pay extra (as a penalty plus a Ticket difference about 4,500 EGP) and You collect & gain more.
a- Flying Blue # FLB1719476415
b- Claims # 10023374001
c- Customer Sales # AFMEAn1701488899

3- As mentioned below, Closing MODIFY to enforce me to make via call so collect Service Fee And also, No Reply … In spite of, during Reservation & my Conditions: “I can MANAGE OnLine!” and, your advertisement is: Manage Online Manage Online?
I want to REFUND = (289 EGP) applied as a Service Charge? & A COMENSATION is due to Waste my Long Time & the Additional Costs.

4- At last, Don’t expect I will complain for you only … I have already started to Complain to another (In some issues) because I don’t trust with you (You will not stop lying & start to change this (Bad) System until Revolution). And, I will make many REVIEWS about this Situations (In the Future) … I think, you will lose more than me (At least, from your REPUTATION) instead of the Planned Gain.

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