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Default Cabin crew offers inappropriate services - EK345, Sheena, ID 379063

It is with disappointment that I have to take to social media to highlight the disrespect some of your Emirates Airlines cabin crew have for their profession and your organization.

Allow me to relate my recent experience on your flight.

I was a passenger onboard KUL-DXB flight EK345 earlier this month (10th Feb 2018). I was waiting for use of the lavatory when one of your cabin crew struck up a conversation with me, typical pleasantries about the flight and where I come from and where she comes from, my purpose in Dubai. She introduced herself as Sheena. She then asked if I had met many Malaysian Muslim women before given my work trips there. I told her our partner company hires many local Malaysian women so yes, I have met quite a few. She then further pressed if I found them attractive. I found this a rather forward question and asked why she was wanted to know. She told me Malaysian Muslim women were very adept at pleasuring men and for the price of AED 2,000, she would be able to offer a night of such experience with her upon our arrival in Dubai. She even mentioned for the price, she would provide some "recreational enhancers" she picked up from her contacts during her layover in KUL which we could consume for a more pleasurable experience (I did not seek clarification as to which specific drugs she was referring to because I had no interest in pursuing this conversation further). Her only condition was that I pay for her services in cash and that we use my hotel room since she claimed she did not earn enough for her own accommodation from which she could engage in such services.

I declined her offer but mentioned I sympathized with the work and pay of being cabin crew. I took the opportunity to ask for her staff ID on the pretense of offering to write complimentary feedback of my flight experience with her, if it would help her career development.She gave it to me (Sheena Kayum, Emirate ID 379063) but was obviously far less pleasant throughout the rest of the flight. I even noticed in her temper, she shoved a fellow female cabin crew on duty and a minor altercation ensued, which resulted in a noticeably tense environment when both were carrying out service duties during the flight. Both were very snappish at each other in front of passengers. Unfortunately I did not get the name of this other cabin crew.

I suppose it would be out of Emirates Airlines purview if your cabin crew decided to advertise their solicitation services when out of uniform on their own time, but its obviously disgraceful that Sheena Kayum had decided to solicit business and peddle recreational drugs from her home country while in uniform and on duty. It shows irresponsibility and grave disrespect to the employer and the laws of the the country.

I seek no compensation over this experience on your flight. But this experience definitely shows how disgraceful your recruitment standards are and that your organization's blatant disregard for your public image.

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