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Turkish Airlines Complaints>Never flight with them
123 12:05 PM Jul 19, 2019
VERRY bad trip experience. I notice they are selling the tickets without having the flights and a few days before the flight they inform about a schedule change.Now you need to accommodate with their schedule. If they should provide u hotel, u really need to fight for that,they wonít give it to you so easy. To go to hotel u need a visa, which is 50Ä. They said they will returned, but they didnít yet. In the airport it was not easy to find visa office, and the place where they give u hotel. Not to many people speak english. They lost my luggage; returned it after a week completely damaged. VERY bad experience with them. I donít recommend this company. I had the feeling that I am a slave: they are managing my schedule, my time, money, my belongs, everything. NEVER NEVER use this company!
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