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Unhappy Frontier Air: Escorted off Flight by Police for Defending Wife and Children!!!

Escorted off Frontier Flight by Police for Defending Wife and Children!!!

My wife, my 3 year old, 18-month old, and I were on the Frontier airlines flight from Denver to Fort Myers today (10/27/07) and were harassed mercilessly by a flight attendant named Denise and another moderately obese flight attendant with dark hair. This led to me being escorted off the plane by 5 (yes 5) police officers right in front of my crying wife and children when we landed.

The minute we got on the plane they harassed about our car seat being legal (we have used the same very popular seat on every flight for 3 years (all on United) - never heard a word). This seems a common story as I just read about another family who were forced to violate FAA regulations with their 2 year old when the flight attendants would not let them use their FAA approved car seat.

I fly 100,000 miles a year on United, but thought we would try the direct TV for the kids on Frontier- HUGE MISTAKE. First the flight attendant scolded me mercilessly for spending too much time getting a DVD out of the overhead for my 3 year old who only wanted one particular DVD to help him not be fussy (the seatbelt sign was OFF). Then I was told that holding my sons’ hand (because he was scared) across the aisle was not acceptable and I had to stop this behavior.

Then she mercilessly harassed and talked down to my wife on how she did not know how to calm my three old down (she suggested coloring books -we were on our third coloring book, 2nd movie, fifth new toy) she was incredibly condescending. She outright lied about all the other “passengers” “complaining about our children and his seat moving”. She kept harassing my wife with the question “What makes him happy, don’t you know”, “we have to get control of this bad situation?” We asked all the other passengers around us and no one had any complaints, in fact they said, “your kids were pretty good.”
My wife cried for an hour on the flight due to their harassment (and my wife’s an ICU nurse, not a wimp by any means). We asked for milk to help him feel better and were told that the flight is only allowed 2 cartons of milks total for a 3 hour flight (with at least 8 small children on it)- are you kidding?? So, we could not have any milk. I asked at this point “What do you want me to do with him? Sedate him with drugs?” She said, whatever you need to do to control him?” Wasn’t another airline just cited when they asked a mother to sedate a talking child and then escorted her off the plane? Don’t they learn what is and is not acceptable behavior?

Then my three year old fell in the wet bathroom walking in and I had the door slam accidentally as a result. Denise (flight attendant) said nothing to me (in fact she had not said 3 words to me the entire flight) about it. Then suddenly while I was playing trucks quietly with my 3 year old, (we had finally gotten him calmed down) I was suddenly confronted with a red card from Denise (Frontier flight attendant) saying that being disruptive while drinking alcohol or smoking in the lavatory could lead to a 10,000 dollar fine- I have not had a drink in 3 years and have not ever smoked. So, I asked what the issue was. She said she would not tell me and proceeded to ask for my name and refuse to give me hers. I gave her my name and asked what I was doing wrong. I said I would gladly stop whatever it was. She said, “ I am not going to tell you”. As, you can guess Denise was not a nice person at any time during the flight, but again we had not said three words to each other to this point.

At this point numerous passengers asked what was going on and vehemently reassured us our children had not bothered them at all – in fact –the family in front of us said, “they were quite good actually”.

Also at this point, an engineering executive sitting one row behind us was so appalled at the flight attendants behavior to my family throughout the flight he gave me his card saying” if anything comes of this I will be happy to talk to anyone who will listen about what really happened and the horrible way they treated you.”

Then one of the Frontier pilots who was riding as a passenger encouraged me to “file a complaint with the airline when you get off,” but said “don’t ask the flight attendants for any more help it will only make your life worse.”

As we landed, my three old ears hurt badly and we tried bottles of water, lolly pops, cookies and many other remedies to make him feel better. Then the dark haired, obese flight attendant said, “just give him some gum”. Gum?? Are you for real, do you know how many children under four I have seen that have aspirated gum and ended up in the operating room with gum in their lung (I am a physician, more on that later).

I want to make it clear (and the police later agreed) I made no aggressive movements ever to any of the attendants (how could I was holding my 18 month old on my lap for 2 hours of the flight, because he was distraught over the aggressive flight attendants and his mother in tears for half the flight), I never raised my voice, never used foul language, and never had any negative discussions with any other passengers. Again, I was holding my 18-month-old child for 2 hours of the 3-hour flight – how scary could I have been – what could I have possibly done??

When we landed 5 police officers storm onto the plane, pull me away from holding the hand of my scared three year old and escorting me off the plane. I was told I was “a threat to the plane”. Now, a little about me, I am a well-respected professor of anesthesiology and intensive care at the University of Colorado. I am also the editor-in-chief of a major medical journal. I teach empathy and family care giving in critical situations (deaths, sever injury exedra) for a living. Plus, I have been given free tickets on United for my “exceptional behavior” in bad situations. Part of my career has been caring for severely burned and injured children at Shriner's and other hospitals, I am about as “unscary” as they come. Plus, I know a little about kids. Then I was told I was being “removed” – due to my lack of control of my children and because my son and I slammed the lavatory door due to his fall (of course trying to protect my 3 year old- they no flight attendant ever asked about that though). None of the passengers around us complained (we asked) – this was of course despite the flight attendant lying to us saying “everyone” was complaining.

So, I was off the plane with police, my wife was left with two screaming children and all our luggage with no help. It was a pure nightmare from a bad movie. I was questioned for 30 minutes and then told to go on my way with no charges and no explanation of their accusations. My wife and kids cried for an hour. My 3 and a half year continues to be horrified by visions of his daddy (who, as I said, was holding my hand when the police came on the plane) being ripped away from him and led away by police. This will be with him forever. Nice image so Denise and her fellow attendants could live out there power trip.

Again, luckily, a number of passengers gave me cards so we could call and get their side of the story as they felt we were totally abused and mistreated.

How would you take this to a higher authority at Frontier. Perhaps, given all the other horrendous family abuse incidents recently at Frontier the news stations and newspapers in Denver need to know about this? Perhaps DatelineNBC or a similar setting? No other family should suffer what we and others have. Help! What I want is for these to flight attendants to be disciplined properly for their horrifying behavior. I do not want any money, but I am going to demand our tickets be refunded and we be rebooked on another airline for our return home to Denver in a week.

Clearly, after reading all of the other poor treatment of families by frontier (the child harness issue, the breast feeding issue, and the flying the children to the wrong city incident) this is by far is the LEAST family friendly airline in the country. You should be terrified to let your children anywhere near this airline. My family and I will never be the same after this horrifying experience.
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Why do you think the flight attendants were made you. I agree with you on most items except milk. The crew had nothing to do with what is on board. You could have brought milk!
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This is similar to the guy who stated he was racially profiled by the flight attendents on his US airs flight, but this is more serious as this involves children and really you would think a flight attendant would be more understanding. I would definitely, absolutely discuss this with a lawyer. I mean this is the last place I would bring up such an incident because it's on sided and we really don't know the other side. However if other passengers gave you their cards and willing to make a statement in your favor then get a lawyer, have the lawyer contact those people, and file a lawsuit.

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