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Default Refunds

Hey All:

I experienced a pretty unfortunate Spirit cancellation in August 2012. Rebooking wasn't available (next available flight was 3 nights later), so we felt a pretty urgent need to find an alternative way home.

We booked a new flight from an airport 4 hours away then rented a car and drove through the night to make it there in time. In all, we took a serious financial hit in order to get home the next day.

The following Monday, I scanned copies of all of my receipts as well as developed a professional, well-written story about how dissatisfied we were. I sent those materials via email AND USPS mail. Within 48 hours, I was denied a refund via email. However, 6 weeks later, I received notice that the accounting dept received my information via mail and are reviewing my claim. Now today, 8 weeks after the cancelled flight, I received a call to confirm that my refund. They have agreed to refund me for all additional expenses (car rental, flight).

Moral of my story: mail your receipts. Email seems to be pointless.
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Angry Vueling Airlines' policy - NO REFUNDS

I booked a return flight Bordeaux (France) to Barcelona (Spain) with Vueling Airlines, via online booking agent Opodo. A few days before the scheduled flights, Vueling changed the booking to have me flying FROM Barcelona to Bordeaux, returning the same day, with 30 mins between the arrival and departure flights. Unworkable! Vueling agreed but would not offer any kind of refund as it is their policy not to refund. People beware. Avoid this airline at all costs as they obviously think that it is perfectly acceptable to steal your money. Opodo also refused to help. Both ignored emails and repeated phone calls.
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They are talking crap. You are entitled to a full refund of everything you have paid, including all charges, such as credit card fees etc. if they don't comply write to

Direction générale de l'aviation civile (DGAC)
Direction du transport aérien
Mission du Droit des passagers Bureau des passagers aériens
50 rue Henry Farman FR- 75720 Paris cedex 15

Outline the circumstances and the change they made. You will get your money back.
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Smile Thanks

Thanks for the advice - I shall write immediately.
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This is the standard EU form for complaints. Your somewhat extraordinary circumstances in which they reversed your journey isn't on the checklist. I woud treat it as a delay or cancellation. The airline must offer a refund if they make a substantial change to your itinerary.
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Y kien cua ban rat hay, minh cam on ban da giup moi nguoi chia se thong tin nay cho dien dan cua chung ta.
Cam on ban rat nhieu.
Ban that nhiet tinh
Best regards.
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Default Cancellation Refund Disaster

Return flight from St. Thomas to Denver with a layover in Ft. Lauderdale. Get to the St. Thomas airport and are told the flight has been cancelled due to flights from Ft. Lauderdale to Denver having been cancelled for the whole week. There was nothing they could do because the flight was cancelled and we were notified via email and phone previous to the flight. And that spirit had tried to refund my card but was unable to do so for whatever reason we couldn't be told. Every email I received including a few days before the flight had a complete round trip itinerary. No voice mails or phone calls were ever received. And no credit card reimbursement has yet to be made.
After negotiations at the airport going nowhere they finally agreed to put us on the flight to Ft. Lauderdale, but stated there would be nothing they could do from there. No hotel, no help with rebooking the last leg with another airline. So now we are in Ft Lauderdale at 9:00 pm with no hotel or no tickets to get back to denver. I have to go online and book two last minute flights out of my pocket to Denver the next morning and pay for a hotel room, about $460. plus missing work.
After getting home, the circles with customer service begins, the first call lasting a hour plus. Spirit did finally admit that the email, phone call, and reimbursement never happened and that they'd look into it. They would send it to another department and I could call back in 7 to 10 days to see if a decision has been made- and i quote "no promises."
Apparently, having the airline cancel the whole return flight and then letting us take the first leg of the return flight even though it was cancelled (due to the second flight being cancelled without any notification-although initially claimed), without reimbursement for any of the return flight, caused a melt down.
The counter person in St Thomas really had no clue, both customer service guys couldn't really even understand the situation. Im pretty sure when I call back nobody will know what Im talking about and I will have to start all over again. I even stated the company policy verbatim right off of spirits website and asked him how what is stated in policy differs from my situation I could only get the "call back in seven to ten days." WOW. If anybody from spirit actually cares about their customers please respond to me. Does anyone have an opinion on how to get my money back for a service paid for that was never provided or compensated?
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Take them to court. You will win.
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Default spirit is just simply terrible

If court was an option or even practical i would. how about common decency? or even logic for that matter. Spirit simply doesn't care. You are just a number to them. Somewhere at a meeting with the executives they decided poor service and not doing the right thing was more important than being honest.
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Default spirit

1) they never notified of us of the cancelled flight via email or phone as they originally claimed but later acknowledged that it never happened. 2) they never reimbursed us for the cancelled flight-which they claim was due to a change in credit card info-which is not true as well the card has not had any changes whatsoever. 3) they would not work with us at all to help two people from being completely stranded when every error was their fault. 4) after claiming the flight was cancelled and officially making someone cry, they then agreed to fly us half way and say we would be completely on our own at that point. 5) all they would have had to do would be to find another airline for the second flight on the return trip. and everything would have been taken care of. done deal. 6) way worse than losing a bunch of money for the airlines failure, not ONCE did anybody along the whole process simply apologize. I guess this is how they run their business.
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Why is small claims court not an option? It is cheap, easy and doesn't require a lawyer.
cancelled flight, rebooking, refund

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