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Default The Last 2 Times I Flew on Frontier, I Didn't Get Home Until the Next Day.

My husband and I were sitting at the gate in Sacramento waiting for our flight. Several passengers were standing at the windows looking at the 4 firetrucks surrounding the plane that had just landed and would be taking us to Denver.

I immediately knew, we would not be getting home that day. I knew that because a year ago, we were sitting at that same gate, same flight; when due to computer issues we were not permitted to get on our flight to Denver. That is because there are only 2 flights to Akron/Canton from Denver each day. Unfortunately, both flights for the next day were filled.
Last year, they re-routed us to Dayton, and we had to rent a car and drive 3 1/2 hours to get home the following day. But they gave us each $200 vouchers to use in the future.

Well the future was this week. The $200 vouchers covered one leg of the trip. We took Southwest out to Sacramento and booked a Frontier Flight for the trip back. I didn't really want to do it that way, but it couldn't be helped.

Both times the trips were disrupted, Frontier made a very poor effort to re-route the passengers. There were 2 ticket agents the first time. (We were supposed to leave around 3:00pm, didn't get out of the airport until about 10:30). When it happened again this week, in Denver, there were 2 agents to start, once 75% of the passengers were booked, 3 more agents showed up.

Oh and when the flight in Denver landed we were told the agent would be at the gate directing us as to where we should go. Some of the connections could still be made. Yet it wasn't until we were all in line at customer service that announcements were made, "go to your gate the plane is still here!" 3 different flights! Why didn't the agent at the gate know this?

We had 4 pieces of luggage total. 2 we paid to check. The other 2 were checked for free if we wanted instead of carrying them on. So we agreed.
When we were rerouted to Cleveland, on United, we had to pay baggage fees again. Frontier would send them through to our United flight for free. But that meant we would have to spend the next 24 hours with nothing. All I had was a purse and a couple of books.

And to top it off, when I got my bags and opened them in the hotel, I had 2 pairs of women's underwear IN MY LUGGAGE that did not belong to me! Now imagine, what damage this could have done to some unsuspecting gentleman had he gone home with this in his luggage. Given the right circumstances, someone's life could have been ruined.

So again, I have my $400 in vouchers; but given my husband and I both lost a day of work, had to pay another $50 to check bags and have my son pick us up in Cleveland and drive us to the Akron Canton airport, it is highly unlikely I will use these again. It just doesn't make up for it.
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Now that is what I call a complaint....the TSA putting women's knickers in your luggage.... "but darling, I came straight home...someone must have put them in there". Very convincing!! ...that belongs in a strange but true column!!
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