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American Airlines Complaints>AA not confirming seats after flight cancellation
LuvMoti 6:11 PM Nov 10, 2014
After paying top dollars for Thkgvg fare to AA on flight from BOS to GSO, AA decides to cancel one of the flights my son was planning to travel. After cancellation, they put him on a very late flight which he cannot take as he does not have ride at 1:30am on Thkgvg weekend. After over 10 call with Cust Service of both AA and USAir - no one is giving him a confirmed return. Each CS repr is blaming the other - confirming on phone -- but no confirmation via email. I would never use AA -- after their merger with USAir they have gone from bad to worse. Their customer service really sucks. Has anyone had similar problems? How were they resolved. Thanks. LM
joejoet1984 10:46 PM Nov 18, 2014
I had even worse experience. They stole almost 1000 in valuables from my luggage and it is not resolved. They refuse to resolve it.
Tags:cancellation, customer dissatisfaction, rebooking
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