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Default Mistreated family by Qatar Airways - QR040

On the 1st of July I travelled with my family (wife and 2 kids of 5 and 12 year old) from Paris to Bangkok with a stop in Doha. Flights QR040 and QR836. We booked especially with Qatar Airways and not with cheaper airlines because we believed that they offered more quality and they would be reliable..... We are very frequent flyers from Europe to the Far East. Due to a technical breakdown of the high speed train (TGV) from Brussels to Charles de Gaulle AirPort (which we can prove because we got a statement of the railway company ) we were not able to arrive on time in the airport. The train was delayed for more than 2,5 Hours!!
From the moment that we knew we were delayed, we called Qatar Airways Brussels 3 hours before departure of the flight (leaving 01/07 16.00 hrs)!
They (Qatar Airways Brussels) confirmed that they would register it in the system and that there were still seats available on the next plain leaving 22.20 hrs the same day.... We were very happy to hear this.......Same person told us that this would cost us (worst case scenario) a fee to re-issue new tickets around 300 euro per ticket.... Qatar airways in Brussels however strongly recommended us to continue our journey to Charles De Gaulle as ground staff of Qatar Airways would be able to help us.
Once arrived in Charles de Gaulle we rushed to a booth of Qatar Airways, unfortunately no one available other than someone of Air France on behalf of Qatar Airways.... This is already very uncommon that an airline with the size of Qatar have no own staff in an important airport like Paris. The lady from Air France looked it up in the system and said she was not able to change our tickets and that we had to call ourselves to Qatar Airways in the city of Paris........ I called for more than 2 hours... Communication line was very poor quality and it was almost impossible to understand the lady. They roughly said that nothing could be done. That all tickets including return flights were canceled because of a now show.... We repeated several times that we called 3 hours before the departure of our flight with Qatar Airways Brussels and they even didn't know that there was an office of Qatar in Brussels..... Unfortunately this office closed at 17.00 hrs and nothing was registered....
When we wanted to book the next flight and same return flights on the initial booked dates we had to pay 4600 euro!.... The best was 3400 euro on return dates which were less suitable than the previous ones! We understand that a fee had to be paid but we do not understand that when there were still seats available on a flight 3 hours before departure we have to buy new tickets. Especially since we had official statement from the railway company (TGV). We were stuck in the airport with our two children and were now forced to buy 4x new tickets.... In addition French air traffic controllers announced a 48 hours strike starting midnight same day which left us no other option than purchasing new tickets. This behavior is totally not commercial thinking and customer friendly thinking...... We were Qatar Airways customers who were not able to arrive on time due in the airport caused by a train failure. Qatar Airways did nothing to help other than hiding behind ‘the conditions of the ticket’. A train failure is an ‘act of God’ which is beyond everyone’s power. A customer friendly airline would deal with this in a professional way instead of hiding behind another airline (Air France as your local agent) and hiding behind ‘conditions of the ticket’. When sharing our experience with friends & family we find out that no one ever experienced such behavior before. If we wouldn’t have been travelling with two children, we would have gone back home and booked new tickets with another airline company (Etihad still had tickets available that evening). It is unacceptable that Qatar refused to change our ticket to a later flight knowing there was still plenty of empty seats available. Qatar choose for flying with empty seats (which would never be filled up 2 hrs before departure) rather than helping their customers. Any other airline would have re-booked us to the later flight.

We really hope that Qatar will reimburse our new purchased tickets.

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