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I am going to post my original complaint below in full. This was posted on through their complaints system on 8th May 2016. Its not 13th June... more than their 30 day response time. Their customer service continues to appal me.

My post is It is in two parts because there is a character limit on their complaints box but I wanted to paste it here exactly as they recived it - including the notes to say that it is a continuation etc. The only thing I have changed is my parents names for their own confidentiality.

1: I am sending this on behalf of my parents, XXX and XXXX. The details I have provided are for their return flight from Manchester-Lusaka but this was the return leg. Their first journey was Lusaka-Manchester on 15-04-2016.Below is the message I sent your staff on facebook and twitter on 6th May.My mother and father, XXXand XXXX flew from Lusaka, Zambia on 15th April 2016 with emirates to Manchester, UK via Dubai and their return flight was 5th May 2016. They recieved the message which I have included in full at the bottom.The main points are that they are allowed two 23kg bags each and it ''applies to all bookings travelling from Africa effective 15 April 2016'' and from your small print ''The new free baggage policy is valid on all return bookings with travel originating from the below departure points in Africa:......Zambia''Clearly then, they are entitled to this bagage on their flights that originated (to use your word) from Zambia on 16th April to Manchester and returned 5th May.However, when they got to the airport in Manchester, they were not allowed to take their luggage on unless they paid an immoral £700 fine. Instead, my mother was reduced to tears and had to phone me to come back and collect their extra baggage which, for the record, contained clothes, a second hand iphone and candles that they planed to give away to less fortunate friends in Zambia.I asked to see the email I have quoted below and when I presented it to the people behind the desk they were unbelievably rude and cheeky. The woman in charge, Joanne Lilley refused to call her manager and proffessed to be totally in charge of all decisions but she her self was rude and stubborn beyond words. My family and I have never been treated with such disdain. My mum was literally crying. Aside from the clear and inexcusably appalling customer service. THEY WERE ENTITLED TO THE LUGGAGE. According to your own comunication to them, they were well within their rights. Had my mum misread the small print or made a similar error then I would understand that they wouldn't be allowed to take the luggage on board - but still I would expect polite respectfulness. However, your staff were actually in error and first they claimed that we misread the email. Then when we showed them the email they made sensational interpretations of the clear and undeniable message that is: two 23kg bags when travelling from africa after 15th april.I really cannot impress upon you how grave and serrious this matter is. You staff violated your own company policy at the expense of my family and then belittled and insulted all of us. Not to mention wasting mine and my sisters evening (for which we both had plans) because we had to return to the airport during rush hour. MESSAGE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT BOX

2: CONTINUATION FROM PREVIOUS BOX (due to your 3000 character limit)The email message she recieved is below in full. I can forward it to you if you provide me a suitbale address.

Subject: Pack in more with our new baggage policy

Message body: Dear Mrs XXXX ,Whether you’re planning your next getaway or taking that important business trip, with our new baggage policy, you''ll be sure to pack more. In Economy Class you can now travel with a baggage allowance of 46kg across 2 bags, each weighing no more than 23 kg.In Business Class and First Class you can now travel with a baggage allowance of 64kg across 2 bags, each weighing no more than 32kg.This applies to all bookings travelling from Africa effective 15 April 2016.

Small print: The new free baggage policy is valid on all return bookings with travel originating from the below departure points in Africa: Algeria, Angola, Cote D''Ivoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Morocco, Mauritius, Nigeria, Senegal, Seychelles, S. Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe

In the airport the incompetant and rude staff claimed this was not valid on th return journey when you can clearly see in your own terms and conditions that it is. The staff on facebook and twitter were equally unhelpful and on facebook they claimed that this is ''applicable for tickets issued on or after 15 April 2016. It''s based on the ticket issue date and not the actual travel dates.''''. This is a false claim. Your terms and condition that were sent to my mum clearly indicated it was the tavel date not the date of issue- this is what it said - 'This applies to all bookings travelling from Africa effective 15 April 2016.'.When i raised this with the staff of facebook they simply didn''t reply- again, rude and incompetant. Emirates staff have directly contradicted the terms and condition which you sent my parents. Not only this but they humilated my family, wasted (and continue to waste) hours and hours of our time and refused them half of their luggage which puts theme in a difficult position. Emirates have been appalling at following this up and have continued to be dismissive, to not take responsibility, have not apologised properly and have not solved the problem. I run a business and once had a complaint about a product. I hand wrote a letter of apology to the gentleman, replaced the orignial product and gave him an additional one free. I know first hand what good customer service looks like. Emirates it seems, does not. I expect to hear from you asap. for you acknowledge and apologise for the shocking behaviour of emirates staff in rudely denying my parents the luggage they paid for and were entitled to, and with a clear solution and way forward in rectifying this gross misconduct.
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