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Default AA embarrassment once again

To Whom It May Concern,

I want to say that the last time I took an American Airlines flight was at least 15 years ago. Today, I came to the conclusion why this company doesnít deserve a dime of my hard working money, and I will explain as follows.

I am traveling with my wife to China. We have been waiting for so long to take a vacation together. Between being recently married which usually involves a more limited budget, and how hard it is to get vacation days at work especially around this time of the year, made the trip more important.

Consequently, the letdown of the company meant an even bigger deal.
Since the last time I flew American Airlines, at least 15 years ago, I am happy to say that over $10,000 worth of flights from my hard work have never gone into part of your revenue. The last time I flew I had an issue with one of the flights that was delayed, and nobody was able to help me, give me a small credit, or even try and see what it was that I wanted or what could have helped me feel better.

Fifteen years later, my in-laws insisted on us flying in American Airlines, and although extremely skeptical about it, I accepted it. Hopefully, I was the only who a few times had a bad experience and thatís it.

We took a flight from La Guardia, NY to DFW, Texas. The plane was old; not even a small screen. I donít remember the last time I flew on a plane where the screen came down from the ceiling. The crew seems like they had just woken up or had a fight with someone. At least the flight had arrived on time and we made it to our next connection. The same flight number AA 263, but this time DFW to PEK (Beijing).

The staff members were just delaying the flight every 15 minutes, until after 2 hours and 30 minutes we went to grab a beer to calm down, when we find out that our flight has been delayed for 6 hours MORE!!

We went to the gate to see what was going on, and to my wifeís surprise, nobody was paying attention to us. The lady was saying how sorry she was, how the plane had a maintenance issue, and for legal reasons the crew was not going to make the full flight due to schedule issues on the air and regulations, therefore they had to get another crew. The flight is estimated to leave 7pm. They are not even sure.

We went to speak to one of the staff behind the counter again, but no luck. The lady wasnít even paying attention to what we were saying. We had to repeat three times that we just lost a day of hour vacation in Beijing. Who was going to pay for that? We have a whole itinerary planed out, tour guides and car services paid for. Who pays for that now? Thatís what I wanted to know.

The lady told us that there was nothing they could do. But not to worry. We had two vouchers for two meals. And we can even use them in different terminals!!! So amazingÖ Thank you so much. To only find out that the lady wonít even listen to us and she is just telling us to go to www .aa. com. I asked her: when are they going to reply to us? I need internet and to shower since I have work to do and emails to send to cancel everything and reschedule. My wife was crying, and she told us to wait by the gate and use the free internet from the airport.

Two vouchers with food in each terminal. Is this the company where we have just spent $3,000 worth of tickets? My wife was crying all over not knowing what to do with herself. For me it was just a flashback. This is the reason I never fly with American Airlines or anyone in One World.

We all make mistakes, and many flights donít leave when scheduled. And that is fine. But is that how you treat your customers? The people that spend their hard working money on a vacation you send them with a lousy voucher that they can use in any terminal?!?! Sorry. TWO vouchers.

This is the last time I am flying again with the company for another 15 years at least, and I donít even want to hear an apology. You guys are lucky that American Express took us in and treated us like valued customer that we donít dispute this tickets in court if necessary.

I donít want a lousy dollar of yours because you will never have me fly again with you. However, if you want my wife to ever fly with you again, you better be contacting us. Even Spirit has better customer service.

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