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Cool Protecting 1st Class Latrine Over Medical Emergency

I witnessed and was part off a vile disgusting policy on an Air Canada flight that could have caused irreversible harm to another person on a flight yesterday and put myself in a negligent situation.

I was on Flight 571 from SFO to YVR yesterday at 8:20 pm. There was a medical emergency on the flight as soon as the plane took off. In about an hour into the flight I got up to use the bathroom. I went to the rear as I was in coach.

I saw a woman in uniform (perhaps a flight attendant) lying on the floor being administered medical care and treatment in the area where the cabin crew are usually preparing service. She was crying out “it hurts It hurts”.
There was a female flight attendant kneeling on the floor in front of the latrine door on my right facing the rear of the plane and what looked like a large medical bag/duffel bag on my left blocking the other bathroom door. The attendant on the floor had a needle in her hand and was desperately trying to assist the sick or injured woman.

Obviously I did not want to disturb or interfere in the situation as both latrine doors were blocked I turned around and went towards the front of the plane. I told the male flight attendant on my way that the rear bathrooms were blocked and I was going to use the front bathroom. He said no you can’t. I said well you have a medical emergency happening in the rear and both bathrooms are blocked so are you saying I can’t use a bathroom for the whole flight? He said no you can’t use this bathroom you have to use the ones in the rear. I said they are blocked. He yelled at me and ordered “Move the bag!”

I asked why are you yelling at me and said I can’t interfere with the medical procedure that’s going on back there. He tersely said “follow me” and I followed him towards the rear of the plane and he grabbed the bag and threw it towards the back over the lady lying on the floor then ordered the woman administering the medical treatment and care to move over to make room for the bathroom door to open. I said this is ridiculous. How dare you force me to intervene and interfere with a medical emergency situation and the attendant on the floor looked up at me and said “ you can’t use the bathroom at the front”.

I am absolutely flabbergasted that Air Canada policy is to protect the First Class travellers bathroom over and above the life of a human being no less their own crew member experiencing a medical emergency. To actually order a passenger to interfere with a medical emergency situation instead of simply using the bathroom at the front of the plane is beyond belief.
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