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Emirates Complaints>crew damaged my bag in flight, Emirates shy away from taking responsibility
hemant123 5:03 PM Oct 12, 2016
With my recent experience with this Emirates airline, I have lost complete faith in them, and will probably never fly with them again.
During a flight from Delhi to London(via Dubai) my hand bag which I kept in the overhead storage, was damaged BY THE CREW MEMBER OF Emirates (Flight EK511), when she was trying to shuffle the baggage. She promptly apologized for it and informed me that Emirates will reimburse me for the damage. She even noted down my contact details for this.
I had so much inconvenience due to this damage as I had a connecting flight (was travelling with an infant to add into the struggle!)
Anyway, I was expecting Emirates to contact me, but no one did. So I filed a written complaint to them, to which this fraud airline responded (after a month) that they wont pay me a single penny for this (despite this being the fault of THEIR CREW).. looks like this airlie doesnt care about their employees wrongdonings but more importantly, they dont care about their customers as well.
I am thinking of lodging a formal/legal case against this airline, if anyone has any pointers on how to proceed, please let me know.
And please, stay away from this fraud airline.
Tags:emirates airline, irresponsible management
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