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Thumbs down AA hates families & kids!

Not surprised my commentary on their Facebook page got deleted, and never responded to. Would like to share our family's experience with AA this past week.

We traveled from DCA > MCO with three young children in tow (ages 3, 2 & 1). Our 3 year old with special needs, and 2 year old with medical issues. On Christmas morning nonetheless, travel was extremely light that day. We arrived 45 minutes prior to departure, only to be turned away saying we were too late to check-in. The flight was at 830am, turns out I got a text message saying the flight left early at 828am. We were late to check-in because American obviously wanted to make an early departure. This caused CHAOS for the outbound trip, and for the rest of the time at Disney on Christmas Day. They put us on standby for a flight leaving 3 hours later which was "wide open"....there were 3 first class seats on that flight that we attempted to purchase, but they refused to sell it to us saying it was for people with confirmed seats only. It was great to arrive at 230pm at the parks, missing reservations and tired kids that could barely enjoy the day. (Kudos to American for getting a 10 minute early departure though on the earlier flight we "missed")

On the return flight from MCO > DCA we made our way to the gate we had group 1 seating. Once at the gate just prior to boarding, I kindly asked the gate agent if we could put the double stroller on the flight so we could grab it at the gate upon landing or if they had to check it in at the gate as luggage. The gate agent said that I had to go back to the front the airport and check it in as baggage! What???????????? She said it was their policy that anything over 20LBS could not be checked in at the gate. What about wheel chairs, what about people with triplets, what about what about what about.......she couldn't give answers. It was until I gave her my loudest outdoor voice catching the attention of hundreds nearby that she got a supervisor to come, and they overrode it.

Checking a stroller (or anything at the gate) impacts the staff only, lazy staff who don't want to work. The stroller was finally checked in, we were last to board the flight........very uncomfortable....but really who cares now.....it's American Airlines that are idiots, we just had to get loud to expose their stupidity.

Stroller arrived at DCA, damaged handle.....no worries. On behalf of my special needs 3 year old, my medically bound 2 year old and my 1 year old celebrating his 1st birthday we would like to thank Disney Cruise for the most amazing customer service......and we would like to take a moment to thank American Airlines for showing their true colors in getting 1st place for hating families across the nation, discriminating against those with small children, hating those who have multiples and just simply showing that you are SCROOGES sadly on what should've been an amazing Christmas Day.
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