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Default Worst Customer Service

Today my mother is traveling from Regina to Toronto and then Toronto to India on Air Canada. Her flight was at 4PM from Regina. We reached airport at 2:00PM, when we went to the counter to drop in our luggage the Representative named Angela was very rude. My mother was carrying 2 bags both weighted 23.2kgs. (Both had just 200gms extra) but she didnt allowed. She said you have extra weight either take that out or pay $250. We tried to explain her that every airlines allow little variation. There was a man next to us and his luggage was 400 gms extra but they allowed that. When we asked her that why she is not allowing us, as a reply of that she said that she cant understand what we are saying. We asked for the supervisor. The supervisor came, her name was Heather, she was equally rude. She said that if we will allow everyone to take extra weight then the flight wont fly. We said that then why she allowed the other person, she said that it was not me and I go by book. She said that you have to pay $250 extra. When I asked her name and said that I will complaint to Air Canada, in the reply she started threatning us. She told Angela to make a photocopy on my mom's passport and boarding pass. We even told her that she is travelling alone and she doesnt speak or understand much English. She replied me back that it is not our problem. She said to Angela that make a photocopy of her passport and boarding pass and we will show them what we can do. My mother got terrified as she was travelling alone and her sugar level dropped down, due to which she started feeling Dizzy. Meanwhile we called Air Canda and spoke with Joshua. We asked him how much weight Air Canada allows for domestic and International flights. He said that 2 bags, each of 23kgs. My wife asked him if there is any variation, like if they allow any extra weight and he said that yes they allow but it should be less than 1kg. My wife explained him the entire situation as what happened with us at the airport and he said that we cannot do anything about this as this is not our concern. ( You can listen to the call, as all Air Canada calla center calls are recorded). We took out some stuff from both the bags and got the weight drop down to 23kgs each. We went to the counter again and asked the representative for Heather as I was already dealing with her and she was aware of the situation. The represantative said that there is no supervisor available and she wont call anyone. She was also very rude. We told her that Heather is already aware of the situation and thats the reason we want to speak with her, she yelled at us saying that "GET OFF THE LINE AND GO AND DEAL WITH ANY OTHER REPRESENTATIVE". All other representative of Air Canada who was standing there all started laughing. Her tone was very descriminating. At that time I really felt that Air Canada has worst customer service. Me and my wife we both work in customer service department and a good customer service is when you let a frustrate customer speak and then handle them politely and try to make an exception if you can, but no the Air Canada rep think that they are the most superior one. Me and my family was so much harrased today. When I asked the name of the represenative, she said that my name is Tina, do whatever you want to do but gove me the name of the passenger. I told her that I wont give you the name of the passenger, If she wants to know the name of the passenger, she can speak with Heather. She replied me back with racial comments, she said to her colleauge saying that these are illitrate immigrants and started laghing at us. She said that I will make sure I will get the name of the passenger and I will show you what we are. Air Canada is such a big company but I didnt expected such a behaviour from them. Totally Heartbroken. My mother is on flight right now. She was not feeling safe but if something happenes to her then Air Canada will be responsible.

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